YouTube video production tips

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General YouTube tips and tricks
Record your videos well ahead of time. I said it earlier but it’s so true: Consistency wins on YouTube. …
Become (or hire) a video editor. …
Use chapters/timestamps. …
Design eye-catching video thumbnails. …
Review your analytics. …
Caption your videos. …
Be direct with your audience.
12 Jan 2023

17 YouTube Tips to Grow a New Channel from Scratch

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12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More …
› blog › 12-simple-tips-for-making…
12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional · 1. Use Plenty of Light. · 2. Use a Clean Background. · 3. Choose a Good Video Editing Program. · 4.

10 Video Editing Tips EVERY Editor Should Know!
YouTube · Learn Online Video
29 Jul 2022
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Speed Ramping

Add Motion Blur

Sound Effects



Templates and Presets

Jump Cuts with Audio



14 Filmmaking Tips to Improve Your Youtube Videos
YouTube · Content Creators
29 Jun 2023
10 key moments
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Video Production 101 – 10 tips for better videos
YouTube · Luis Cameraman
8 Mar 2023

10 key moments
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YouTube · Peter McKinnon
26 Feb 2017

10 key moments
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Video editing tips – YouTube Help

Google Help
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Consider your camera positions, angles, and movements. Think about how your video will open and close, and what are the key moments in between. For larger …

10 Beginner Video Tips for Making Professional Videos

› blog › video-tips
28 Dec 2021 — Pick the right location. … Another essential step of the video planning phase is picking the location of the shoot. Picking a location is more …

How to Make a YouTube Video: 16 Tips for Beginners

› Attract
20 Sept 2023 — Begin by writing your script. Your script might include on-camera dialogue that actors say, or voiceover that’s layered on top of footage in …

15 Video Production Tips for Making Engaging …
› … › Video production
26 Dec 2023 — Follow these 15 video production tips to create captivating and professional videos that viewers will love!

How to Make a YouTube Video (Beginner’s Guide)

› blog › make-youtube-vi…
These tools can help you learn the basics of video creation, and help you to practice good techniques that will be beneficial no matter what gear you use.

Video Production Tips

YouTube · Jenn Jager
164.4K+ followers · 3 months ago
Make better videos with these video production tips! From writing scripts to shooting, lighting and editing tutorials, this playlist has …
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How to Film a YouTube Video in Professional Quality
› … › YouTube
27 Dec 2023 — Even if you’ve previously recorded in the same spot at the same time of day and with the same equipment, you should do a test recording before …

14 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive …

HubSpot Blog
› blog › tabid › bid › 12-tips…
5 Jul 2017 — 14 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views · 1. Be original. The concept for your video project should be original and creative.

Video Production Tips & Tricks | ItsJackCole

YouTube · Jack Cole
440.5K+ followers · 11 months ago
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.

Video equipment tips – YouTube Help

Google Help
› youtube › answer
Many creators use a “two-point” lighting system. This involves lighting your main subject from two light sources at opposing directions. In this setup, the “key …

Video Production Tips for Beginners

YouTube · Kevin Kolbe
10.2K+ followers
… probably aria hidden. Video Production Tips for Beginners. Kevin Kolbe. 11 videosUpdated today. Play all · Shuffle · 8:58. My 10 time-saving Video Production …

What are the best video editing tips and tricks for YouTube …

› What-are-the-best-video-editi…
12 Jan 2023 — Plan Your Video Content: Before you start editing, have a clear idea of what your video will be about. · Keep it Short and Engaging: Especially …
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Here are some video editing tips and tricks for YouTube creators: 1. Plan your video: Before …

How to Make a YouTube Video: Step-by-Step Guide for 2024

› Blog
4 Jan 2022 — Organize clips in the right order. Add voice over if necessary and synchronize it with the video. Remove unnecessary footage or bloopers or …

19 Videography Tips for More Professional-Looking Videos

› alc › 13-videography-tips…
2 Jun 2022 — Pay attention to details such as angle, creative use of depth of filed, and transitions. There are also quality YouTube tutorial and blogs such …

Shoot Your FIRST YOUTUBE Video Like A Professional! 10 …

YouTube · Tips With Trena
9.6K+ views · 3 years ago

10 TIPS for YouTube beginners to make sure when you shoot your first YouTube video … BEST CapCut Video Editing Tips and Tricks. Kevin …
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17 Top Tips for Creating Professional-Looking Videos

› Attract
24 Nov 2023 — 1. Invest in the correct equipment · 2. Write a script · 3. Consider your video background · 4. Use a tripod · 5. Think about your on-screen …

What are the best video editing tips for YouTube beginners?

› What-are-the-best-video-editi…
22 Aug 2023 — First of all you should select any video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro. · Invest your time in video editing tutorials. · Use keyboard …
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For YouTube beginners, focus on storytelling: keep your content engaging and concise, cutting …

Video Production Tips

Pennsylvania State University
› 2017/02/01 › video-…
1 Feb 2017 — Basic Video Shooting. Vertical vs. Horizontal · Composition. Rule of Thirds. The “Rule of Thirds” is the basic composition principle to follow …
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[Tips & Tricks] I’ve been making YouTube videos for a …

Reddit · r/youtubers
60+ comments · 2 years ago
Set aside a consistent scheduled time every week to work on videos. Make sacrifices to keep it. If your serious about it, act like it. It’s hard …

Video Production Tips

YouTube · Switcher Studio
28.2K+ followers · 1 month ago
Home. Shorts. Library. this is hidden. this is probably aria hidden. Video Production Tips. Switcher Studio. 6 videosLast updated on Nov 21, …

My 10 time-saving Video Production tips and tricks – YouTube

YouTube · Kevin Kolbe
370+ views · 1 month ago

10 simple video production tips and tricks to help you save time and do more with video. What I used or mentioned to produce this video …

How to Make Professional Quality YouTube Videos: 12 Steps

› Make-Professional-Quali…
Make sure your location is well-lit and quiet, and shoot the video. Finally, edit your video to touch up the footage! For tips on choosing the right equipment …

15 Tips for Filming and Editing Marketing Videos

› Blog
14 Nov 2023 — 15 Tips for Filming and Editing Marketing Videos · 1. Create a Storyboard and/or Shooting Script · 4. Use the Rule of Thirds · 5. Avoid Conflicts …

How to Edit Videos Like a Pro: 10 Tips

› Creative
3 Aug 2021 — You need to keep your content visually interesting. Rather than just using the same shot for the entire video, try switching things up with more …

15 Tips To Make High-Quality YouTube Videos

Surfer SEO
› blog
22 Dec 2023 — Before getting your camera rolling, establish your video purpose, sketch the storyboard, and decide which equipment to use. Although there’s no …

10 video editing tips I wish I knew earlier on in my career

YouTube · kold
812.6K+ views · 1 year ago

Hope you learned something new in this one! leave a comment down below letting me know what tip you found the most useful!

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[Tips & Tricks] 10 Hot Tips to make better YouTube videos. …

Reddit · r/youtubers
9 comments · 6 years ago
Tip number five, use cutaways, animations, and fly-ins. Cut-ins, animations, and fly-ins are things that you can put over your main shot usually …

25 Marketing Video Production Tips For Filming, Editing …

Yum Yum Videos
› Marketing
10 Oct 2023 — Marketing Video Production Tips for Pre-Production · 1. Begin with a Script · 2. Make a Storyboard for Easy Visualization · 3. Don’t Ignore My …

How-to film quality YouTube videos—Solo (budget-friendly)

› resources › blog › film-youtu…
12 steps to shoot a YouTube video · Set up your equipment: · Test everything is working: · Review your notes: · Take a few deep breaths: · Hit record: · Smile and …

Editing Tips to Make Your Videos Flow a Lot Better – YouTube

YouTube · Joey /// New Territory Media
620+ views · 1 year ago

Improve the continuity and flow of your video by doing these 2 simple steps. #contentcreators #videoproduction.

Top 5 Video Editing Tips for YouTube Success

› video-production-and-editing › t…
The key to creating successful YouTube videos is to prioritize engaging content over pleasing algorithms and to pay attention to details such as smooth …
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Video Production Tips

YouTube · J Johnson
1.1K+ followers
Video Production Tips ; How to Shoot Cinematic Interviews | 10 Easy Steps. Indy Mogul ; 4 AMATEUR Color Grading Mistakes To Avoid! YCImaging ; MY MINIMALIST BMPCC …

A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Video Editing

› resources › how-to-edit-you…
Trim the beginning and end: The most important basic function when learning how to edit a video for YouTube is to trim the beginning and end. This feature …

How to Edit YouTube Videos: A Beginner’s Guide

HubSpot Blog
› marketing › how-to-edit-y…
5 May 2023 — Create engaging thumbnails for each video. · Tell a story. · Use engaging elements in all your videos. · Create a baseline video editing style.

Video Pre Production: Beginner’s Guide

› blog › video-pre-produc…
As a best practice, aim to edit your video in the same resolution you plan to produce it at. For example, if your target output is 1280 x 720, then editing at …

7 Tips for Creating High-Quality Video Content

› blog › video-content-creation-t…

  1. Defining the target audience · 2. Choosing a video topic · 3. Creating a script · 4. Defining a video format · 5. Planning the shooting and editing.

How to make a YouTube video in 10 easy steps

› blog › article › how-to-m…
21 Dec 2023 — Choose video editing software that’s specifically tailored for YouTube content creators, such as Descript (which we think is the best, naturally) …

3 Key Tips For Your Video Production Business in *2023

YouTube · Lizzie Peirce
5.2K+ views · 4 months ago

Comments13 ; How The YouTube Algorithm Works in 2024 · 12K views ; I’M A FRAUD… How Pro Photographers Fake a PERFECT Photo · 8.4K views ; You’re f* …

14 key moments
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How to Start a YouTube Channel: 10 Brilliant Tips

› blog › post › how-to-start-youtub…
30 Oct 2023 — Creating attractive thumbnails · Writing engaging video titles · Writing powerful video descriptions · Optimizing your videos for YouTube search …

YouTube Content Strategies: Top Tips to Grow Your Channel

› youtube-content-mastery-…
6 Jul 2023 — Invest in quality equipment, including cameras, microphones, and lighting, to enhance the visual and audio quality of your videos. Research and …

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners [2024 Guide]

› blog › starting-your-first-youtub…
11 Oct 2023 — Make sure to record your video in a well-lit, quiet location. Avoid loud background noises, turn off notifications on your devices, and close …

15 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

Social Media Examiner
› 15-tips-gro…
4 Jan 2018 — Although you want to keep your credits short, make your actual video content as long as makes sense for your topic. Making long videos seems …

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2023

Media Borne
› how-to-grow-your-youtu…
What makes a successful YouTube channel – tips from a video marketing and video production company. YouTube Tips 2023. What makes a successful YouTube …

10 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel in 2024

› alc › 10-tips-for-starting-…
28 Mar 2023 — Think about topics you’ve wanted to learn about, and then consider making videos to help others who have likely wondered about the same things.

10 Tips to Produce Great Looking Video Using Your ‘Phone
› Blog
26 Jun 2023 — Composition is another key to creating visually pleasing videos. Don’t clutter the frame, and meticulously tidy the room room you are in. What …

Production 101: Tips for producing your own video content

The Kennedy Center
› education › how-tos
10 Jul 2020 — If you’re not shooting any video and only recording your voice, then a small space like the inside of a car can actually become a great …

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Better Videos

Video School
› Blog
30 Jan 2019 — Pick a topic that you love. This is my second piece of advice. Making videos on subjects that you aren’t in love with is tough. I’ve done it …

How to Make a YouTube Video

› magazine › article › ho…
10 Aug 2023 — YouTube best practices are all about proper preparation: having the right equipment, making an outline, writing a script, practicing, recording, …

12 Video Production Tips To Make Video Content Creation …

Square 2 Marketing
› blog › the-top-1…
9 Nov 2021 — Tip 1: Start With An Outline Or Storyboard · Tip 2: Know What Message You Want To Deliver · Video Production Tips for 2022 · Tip 4: Focus On The …

Where to Shoot Your YouTube Videos
› where-to-shoot-youtube-videos
Need Backdrop Inspiration? · Cooking tips: kitchen · Personal teenage vlog: in your bedroom · Dating advice: on the couch · Film making: production studio · Legal …

How to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral (with 8 Easy Tips)

› how-to-make-viral-youtube-vi…
A few things that help though: consistency in video production, reviewing your content to study its performance, and knowing your audience and their struggles …

10 Secrets to Creating Content Anywhere Using Video & iPhone

YouTube · Michelle Cunningham
1.1K+ views · 8 months ago

10 Secrets to Creating Content Anywhere Using Video & iPhone | Tips for Quality Video Production … My First Youtube Video. Ever. Andrew Camera …

5 Riveting YouTube Video Production Services Tips
› youtube-video-production
When it comes to length, shorter videos tend to perform better on YouTube, with the sweet spot being around 2 minutes. However, if you have a lot of information …

How to Make YouTube Video: The Ultimate Guide

Wondershare Filmora
› … › YouTube Videos
14 Dec 2023 — Start a YouTube Channel · Choose a Niche and Craft a Video Content Strategy · Secure a Fresh Supply of YouTube Video Ideas · Get the Right Video …
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