YouTube channel analytics and performance

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Sign in to Studio Content Manager. From the left-hand menu, select Analytics . In the Overview tab, go to the Top movers section. This section shows the videos, channels and assets for which the data has changed the most in the last seven days.

Check your YouTube Analytics data – Google Help

Google Help
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How do you check the performance of a YouTube channel?
What is typical performance in YouTube analytics?
How do I see analytics on my YouTube channel?
How do you measure video performance on YouTube?

Social Blade YouTube Stats

Social Blade
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View the daily YouTube analytics, track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts.
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YouTube Analytics basics – Android

Google Help
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You can use Analytics to better understand your video and channel performance with key metrics and reports in YouTube Studio.

How to see YouTube analytics for other channels

› blog › how-to-see-youtube-…
24 Jul 2023 — BuzzSumo analyzes YouTube channels from your competitors to find video ideas based on what’s trending through keyword research. The platform is …

2024 Guide to YouTube Analytics: Metrics, Tools, and Tips

› youtube-analytics
6 Dec 2023 — YouTube analytics tools like SocialBlade (see below) allow you to compare your performance against any other public YouTube channel. 4 …

YouTube Analytics: The 15 Metrics That Actually Matter

HubSpot Blog
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13 Sept 2023 — 1. Watch Time · 2. Average Percentage Viewed · 3. Average View Duration · 4. Audience Retention · 5. Re-watches · 6. Engagement · 7. Impressions Click …

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

11 Dec 2014 — Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.

Free YouTube Channel Audit & Analyzer Tool
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Analyze the quality of any YouTube channel for free. Get an overview of Youtube channel performance and find creators for effective collaborations with the …

YouTube Analytics Basics: How To Analyze Your Data (2024)

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9 Jun 2023 — YouTube analytics is a powerful tool provided by YouTube that offers detailed insights and data about a channel’s performance and audience …

YouTube Stats and Analytics

Streams Charts
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The webpage provides real-time insights into YouTube metrics, along with the main recorded values for key performance indicators. Weekly and monthly statistics …
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Track YouTube Analytics for Video Performance in 2024

Social Champ
› blog › youtube-analytics
21 Dec 2023 — It is one of the most powerful features available for content creators and businesses on YouTube. By understanding how your audience is …

How Expert YouTubers Use Channel Analytics

YouTube · Greg Preece
1.3K+ views · 9 months ago

I’m excited to share 6 advanced YouTube Analytics that experts check to get more watch time on their YouTube channels.

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The 8 YouTube metrics you should focus on

› Business growth › Marketing tips
28 Jan 2022 — YouTube analytics can be overwhelming. Here are the metrics that matter. · Traffic sources · Impressions and click-through rate (CTR) · Watch time …

YouTube Analytics: Analyze Data to Improve Your Marketing

Sprout Social
› … › YouTube
From your YouTube Studio dashboard, click on “Analytics” in the left-hand panel to open your YouTube analytics. This will give you an overview of your channel …

YouTube Channel Analytics: Key Metrics & How to Use Them

› Youtube Marketing
26 Jul 2023 — YouTube Channel Analytics gives you the power to monitor your YouTube marketing strategies and lets you gauge your efforts. Some key metrics …

Why my Best-Performing Video on YouTube has the Worst- …

LinkedIn · Max Reisinger
60+ reactions · 8 months ago
The clickthrough rate for this video is 8.8% instead of the regular 7.4%-8.4%. In addition to this, the average view duration is 3:53 on a 15- …

9 Ways to Use YouTube Studio Analytics to Grow Your Channel

YouTube · Surfside PPC
2.1K+ views · 9 months ago

These analytics provide valuable information and metrics about the performance of a YouTube channel and its videos, allowing creators to …

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The 10 Best YouTube Analytics Tools for 2024

› blog › youtube-analytics-tools
20 Feb 2023 — Unbox Social is one of the powerful YouTube analytics tools with which users can monitor their channel’s performance with comprehensive insights …

YouTube Analytics – Digital Marketing Lesson – DMI

Digital Marketing Institute
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YouTube Analytics gives you key insight on how your content is being watched, how long it’s being watched, and whether it’s liked or disliked. Knowing your …

YouTube metrics

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5 Jan 2024 — YouTube metrics help you figure out how you’re doing on YouTube. This article goes over the YouTube metrics available in Analytics. Use CTRL+F ( …

How to Use YouTube Analytics to Grow A YouTube Channel

CEO Entrepreneur
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Don’t forget your stakeholders! · Why you should upload consistently · When can your channel be monetised? · Audience retention rates and watch time · Why you need …

Understand Your Video and Channel Performance – YouTube

YouTube · YouTube Creators
360.6K+ views · 2 years ago

The YouTube Studio mobile app provides at-a-glance and in-depth Analytics to help you analyze your videos and your channel.

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How to Analyze Your YouTube Channel Performance in …

Social Media Examiner
› how-to-anal…
4 Jun 2019 — Set Up YouTube Channel Tracking in Google Analytics … To set up a view with a filter, start by clicking Admin (the gear icon) in the lower-left …

Use YouTube Analytics to Understand How Your Channel is …

YouTube · Creator Insider
66.3K+ views · 1 year ago

Use YouTube Analytics to Understand How Your Channel is Doing in 4 Easy Steps! · Comments603.

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Full YouTube Statistics Checklist for 2023

Sprout Social
› … › YouTube
28 Feb 2023 — Out of those 51 million+ channels, 306,000 YouTube channels have more than 100,000 subscribers, 29,000 YouTube channels have more than 1 million …

YouTube Analytics and Reporting APIs

Google for Developers
› youtube › analytics
A YouTube Analytics group is a custom collection of up to 500 channels, videos, playlists, or assets. Groups let you easily aggregate data to analyze …

Why did my YouTube analytics suddenly go down?

› Why-did-my-YouTube-analy…
23 Aug 2023 — YouTube analytics is simply informations about your YouTube channel and YouTube videos. It gives you information about how well your videos and …
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A sudden drop in YouTube analytics can occur for several reasons: 1. Algorithm Changes: YouTube’s …

Get More Watch Time With This NEW YouTube Analytics Tool!

YouTube · Greg Preece
1.5K+ views · 9 months ago

… Analytics To Get More Views – // WHO I … channel’s performance. So, whether you’re a seasoned YouTube creator …

Analytics and Statistics for Any YouTube Channel – Popsters
› blog › post › youtube-statistics…
15 Mar 2023 — YouTube Analytics sections provide data for multiple indicators: earnings per view, video viewing statistics, viewers’ demography, engagement …

How to see YouTube channel analytics and use data …

› blog › youtube-analytics
6 Oct 2023 — YouTube Analytics shows you the percentage of people who are clicking through to each video – the higher the percentage, the better your title …

YouTube Analytics Guide 2024: Top Metrics & Tools To …

› blog › youtube-analytics
4 Nov 2023 — By tracking your YouTube Analytics, you’ll uncover demographic data like age, gender, location, and preferred devices. By using this data, you …

How to Use YouTube Analytics to Grow Your Channel in 2021

YouTube · TheFigCo
1.9K+ views · 3 years ago

… performance of our videos where we can compare the click through rate of all the videos and also see which videos helped us gain the most …

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YouTube Analytics: Brand Channel Performance

Rank Ranger
› social-analytics › yout…
Rank Ranger compiles user demographic data that allows you to easily gain insights into the existing market segments of your YouTube property, while utilizing …

The 5 Best Free YouTube Analytics Tools You Should Try …

Influencer Marketing Hub
› free-youtube-a…
31 Oct 2023 — The free analytics tool provides you with highly comprehensive performance metrics on a channel level. The best part is that it’s not just …

YouTube Metrics: What to Include in a Performance Report

› blog › youtube-metrics
30 Aug 2023 — Step3: Select YouTube Studio. Step4: Select Analytics from the left-hand menu. Now you can choose between Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, …

YouTube Video Analytics and Report

› Tools
YouTube analytics is an essential tool for understanding how your videos are being received. Data such as viewing rates and engagement metrics can help you …

YouTube Analytics – 10 Powerful Tools To Improve Your …

› blog › top-youtube-an…
List of 10 YouTube Analytics Tools That Will Improve Your YouTube Performance · 1. Unbox Social · 2. YouTube Analytics · 3. ChannelMeter · 4. Tubular Labs · 5.

YouTube Studio Metrics: Ways to Get Advanced Data – Popsters
› blog › post › youtube-analytics
15 Aug 2023 — YouTube Studio has a handy built-in tool – YouTube Analytics, that allows you to analyze the performance of your videos and channel, …

YouTube Analytics – Guide to Analyzing Your Channel

› youtube-analytics-metrics
26 Oct 2023 — YouTube Analytics is integrated on YouTube Studio: A dashboard for content creators where they can upload videos, live stream and do everything …

06 YouTube Analytics Metrics You Should Know In 2023

› youtube-analytics
1 Log in to Your YouTube Account: Go to the YouTube website and ensure you log into the Google account associated with your YouTube channel.

Statistics and Insights for YouTube Channels

› youtube-stats
vidIQ YouTube Stats can help you track YouTube Channels’ Statistics and give you AI-powered insights to learn from other creators’ success to boost your …

YouTube Analytics: Everything You Need To Know

Engaio Digital
› youtube-analytics
YouTube Analytics is a web analytics tool within YouTube Studio, where you can see all the data your videos produce. You’ll discover more insight into your …

2024’s Top 6 YouTube Analytics Tools For Tracking Video …

› blog › youtube-analytics-tools
13 Nov 2023 — YouTube analytics can offer insights into where your viewers are coming from. It can show traffic sources such as YouTube searches, suggested …

YouTube Analytics: 6 Powerful Ways to Grow Your …

› resources › blog › youtube-an…
YouTube Analytics is a set of tools and data provided by YouTube designed to help you understand your audience and their actions. It’s a birds-eye view of …

5 YouTube Analytics Metrics You Should Know

› blog › 5-youtube-analytics…
11 Aug 2023 — YouTube Analytics offers you an entire collection of metrics that track different aspects of your channel’s performance. It’s easy to get …

YouTube Analytics: 10 Metrics To Help You Grow Your …

› Blog
17 Apr 2023 — 10 YouTube analytics to improve your video performance · 1. Watch time · 2. Audience retention · 3. Real-time report · 4. Audience demographics · 5.

YouTube Statistics Tracker Online (Free) – SPEAKRJ Stats
› audit › platform › youtube
Make your YouTube channel stand out from the crowd with our free YouTube analytics tracker. Through the statistics, you can understand which keywords are …

How to Optimize Your Videos Through YouTube Analytics …

Neil Patel
› blog › youtube-analytics
YouTube analytics is the native analytics platform on the site, providing access to vital metrics about video performance including watch time, viewer …

Youtube Channel Analytics Tool Free

› free-youtube-tools
The Vaizle Youtube analytics tool free gives you detailed information about the performance of your Youtube channel, such as audience retention rate, views, …

13 Of The Best YouTube Analytics Tools Of 2024

› blog › best-youtube-an…
24 Aug 2022 — SocialBlade is a free YouTube analytics tool that not only analyzes your channel’s performance, but also your competitors’. This analytics …

Analytics in the YouTube App (for Shorts, Videos, Live …

YouTube · YouTube Creators
140.3K+ views · 1 year ago

The YouTube Main App gives you an easy way to look at Analytics for your channel overall, and for specific content like your Shorts.

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YouTube Analytics: Measuring the Performance of …

Advance Metrics
› Home › Blog
19 Mar 2015 — YouTube Analytics contains reports to help understand the strengths and weaknesses of videos. Use these insights for new videos.

YouTube Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide
› … › Digital Marketing
20 Jul 2023 — It is vital to assess your channel’s growth or decline by tracking the statistics of other channels. YouTube Studio gives a creator all the …

YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Grow Your …

› blog › youtube-analyti…
You can also use a reliable YouTube Analytics tool to know about the performance of your channel. A great example of this tool is Analytics app by DashClicks.

YouTube Analytics: Your Guide to Measuring Channel …

Single Grain
› blog-posts › youtube-…
30 Jan 2019 — YouTube Analytics measure channel performance, video reach, engagement, traffic sources, and more. Our ultimate guide guides you through …

The Best of YouTube Analytics

› resources › youtube-analytics
The main purpose of an YouTube Analytics tool is to measure how effective video marketing efforts are through traffic monitoring. In order to make the most of …

Best YouTube analytics tools

› blog › best-youtube-…
24 May 2023 — What is YouTube analytics? … YouTube analytics provides valuable insights and data about your YouTube channel’s performance. These analytics …

YouTube Analytics

Aux Mode
› support › youtube-analytics
YouTube Analytics lets you monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports. There’s a ton of data available in different …

How to Analyze Your YouTube Channel and Videos

Social Media Examiner
› how-to-anal…
10 Aug 2021 — The second icon, Analytics, is what you’re going to explore. Audience Retention. When you first enter your video’s analytics, you’ll see a chart …

Youtube channel performance report template for Google …
› templates › youtube-free-pe…
Visualize in a single page your Youtube channel analytics and video performance using Data Studio. Compare your videos, and understand your growth and …
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