The Google Ads Threshhold Method

The Google Ads Threshhold Method

The Google Ads threshold method is a way for advertisers to manage their advertising spend on the Google Ads platform. The threshold method works by setting a predetermined spending limit for your Google Ads account, and once you reach that limit, Google will pause your ads until you make a payment to cover the amount spent.

Here’s how the Google Ads threshold method works:

Set your threshold: You can set your threshold in your Google Ads account by going to “Billing & payments” and selecting “Payment settings.” From there, you can set a threshold amount that you’re comfortable with.

Start advertising: Once you’ve set your threshold, you can start advertising on the Google Ads platform as usual. As you spend money on ads, your account balance will decrease.

Reach your threshold: When you reach your threshold, your ads will be automatically paused. You will receive an email notification letting you know that your ads have been paused due to reaching your threshold.

Make a payment: To reactivate your ads, you will need to make a payment to cover the amount spent that caused your account balance to reach the threshold. Once you make a payment, your ads will be reactivated.

Repeat: You can continue to use the threshold method to manage your Google Ads spend. Just remember to keep an eye on your account balance and make payments as necessary to keep your ads running.

Overall, the threshold method is a useful tool for advertisers who want to manage their Google Ads spend and avoid overspending. By setting a threshold, you can control your advertising costs and ensure that you stay within your budget.

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