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Programming Languages, Part A – Jobs Tech News

This course provides an introduction to programming languages ​​with a focus on functional programming. The main goal of the course is to teach you enough about how any language “combines” so you become more skilled at learning new languages ​​and programming in any language. The languages ​​used to explain the principles are Ruby, ML and Racket.

This course gives you a framework for understanding how to use language constructs effectively and how to develop correct and elegant programs; it is not very theoretical and not only specific to programming.

You can develop deeper thinking skills by using multiple languages ​​instead of one language and a specific syntax. To develop robust, reusable, composable and elegant software, one must learn the importance of functional programming.

In fact, functional programming is the source of many of the most important concepts in modern languages. Get ready to discover a new and elegant perspective on software and how you enjoy creating it.

As we will discuss in the first lesson, the course requires prior knowledge of programming.Part A, Part B and Part C are the three Coursera courses that make up this course. There are two intermediate stages and options before proceeding with the three-part arrangement, as the course covers a large amount of challenging material as described in the first module of Part A.

These three parts are intended to be completed in this order and are arranged to encourage you to complete Part C.

The lengths of the three parts are not exactly equal: part A is almost as long as parts B and C combined.The topics of all three parts of the course are detailed in the 1st week of Part A, but it is expected that most of the students do not (yet!) know all these topics.

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