Podcast sponsorship negotiation

How to Negotiate Podcast Sponsorship Deals

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21 Sept 2023 — What are the best practices for negotiating podcast sponsorship deals? · 1 Know your value · 2 Find the right sponsors · 3 Craft a compelling …
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How to Negotiate a Deal with a Podcast Sponsor

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7 Jun 2023 — The key to securing a successful podcast sponsorship deal is to approach negotiations with preparation and understanding. Remember, negotiating …

How To Effectively Negotiate Podcast Sponsorships
The Podcast Babes
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9 Mar 2022 — Don’t Underprice Yourself, And Don’t Overprice Yourself. Think about what model would be best for you and for your podcast, how you can explain …

How to Get Podcast Sponsorships

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26 Dec 2023 — Some small to midsize shows can occasionally negotiate a value-based sponsorship instead, which is similar to the CPM model, except that you are …

How to Negotiate Podcast Sponsorship Deals with Values

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16 Nov 2023 — Learn how to find and work with podcast sponsors who align with your values, goals, and niche. Discover tips on how to pitch, negotiate, …

How to use podcast sponsorship for growth

Abmatic AI
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One of the key components of a successful podcast sponsorship is finding the right podcast for your brand. … Negotiating sponsorship deals that work for both …

Navigating Sponsorship Negotiations: An Essential Guide for …

Independent Podcast Network
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In this article, we’re going to break it down for you in simple terms. We’ll show you how to negotiate with sponsors and get the most out of your podcast.

Podcast Sponsorship Pricing: 6 Reasons To Negotiate Flat …

Danielle Desir
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21 Apr 2023 — Considering which podcast sponsorship pricing is right for you? Here’s why flat fee works for smaller podcasts with less than 10k downloads.

The Complete Guide to Podcast Sponsorship

The Sponsorship Collective
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19 Dec 2023 — Negotiate. As you continue meeting with your prospective podcast sponsor about working together (and I use the term “meeting” figuratively; this …

Podcast Sponsorship: Pros, Cons, Costs, & Where to Start

The Podcast Host
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3 Nov 2023 — Considering monetizing your show by running ads? Don’t know where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about podcast sponsorship!
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How To Get Podcast Sponsors (Proven Methods)

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When negotiating with a potential sponsor, be prepared with essential matrices of your podcast to support your case. Likewise, have a clear understanding of the …

168: Negotiating for Corporate Sponsorships ART of Feminine …

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The secrets behind successful sponsorship negotiations are revealed in this interview between Cindy Watson and Linda Hollander.

Podcast Sponsorships: The Ultimate Guide

Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas
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At that point, it’s time to go back to the negotiation table with your sponsor and start increasing the amount you receive per episode. Podcast Sponsorship …

How to Get Podcast Sponsors

Neil Patel
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Before you look for your first sponsor, you need to understand how podcast advertising works. … Instead, you negotiate a set rate with the sponsor (for example, …

Advanced Tips to Get a High-Paying Podcast Sponsorship

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26 Dec 2023 — … sponsors on your own. That way, you can negotiate the rates and payment structure from scratch. You also won’t have to worry about …

How to Get Podcast Sponsors [2022]

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10 Jun 2022 — … negotiation skills. 2. Join a podcast network. Best for: Podcasters with 5,000-10,000+ downloads per episode. When you join a podcast network …

How to find podcast sponsors and how to approach … – YouTube

YouTube · WhyInfluence
90+ views · 3 years ago

Jacob Southerland has negotiated paid sponsorships for dozens of podcasts as an ad agency in the space. Today we’ll learn his unique …

How to Get Well-Fitting Podcast Sponsors (Pitch Template)

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That being said they’re less time consuming, easier to set up, and don’t involve as much admin or negotiation work on your part. … Podcast Sponsorship Platforms …

You Need to Get Sponsors for Your Podcast, But When?

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7 May 2023 — Before you start negotiating with advertisers, it’s important to understand how advertising works in this industry. If you don’t understand …

How do you negotiate sponsorships? : r/NewTubers

Reddit · r/NewTubers
2 comments · 2 months ago
From what I’ve heard on different Creator Podcasts, it’s best to prepare a “menu” for all interested companies. Have a set guideline of what …

How to Get Podcast Sponsors: Complete Guide [2023]

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29 Aug 2023 — Negotiate sponsorship deals: When it comes to determining fair pricing for podcast sponsorships, there are a few factors to consider. First …

How to Find Podcast Sponsors and How to Negotiate With …
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Jacob helps podcasters get sponsorships. He is currently working with 20 different podcasts, helping them get and maintain strategic sponsors. He’s very …

Podcast Advertising Terms — Negotiate Like a Pro!

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1 Dec 2022 — If you are working with a podcast network like Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace that allows podcasters to list their shows and inventory for …

What Is Podcast Sponsorship? (+Templates to Help You Pitch …

Learn G2
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17 Jul 2019 — … negotiate and manage your sponsorships yourself. Self-search. Searching on your own for a podcast sponsor can be a difficult but rewarding …

What are some tips for negotiating a sponsorship deal with …

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17 Aug 2023 — How do social media influencers negotiate shoutouts and sponsorships? The best way to begin negotiating an influencer partnership …
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Listen up, you little snowflakes, because I’m about to drop some truth bombs on negotiating …

How to Write a Podcast Sponsorship Proposal

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21 Feb 2022 — Podcast sponsorship proposals differ slightly depending on who’s sending them. … But in order to get these benefits, you need to negotiate a …

3 MUST-DO Steps Before Approaching Potential Podcast …

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10 May 2021 — Keep reading, and we’ll share 3 steps to help you get in the position to Negotiate a Better Deal With Your Podcast Sponsor. BONUS: Needing some …

How To Get Podcast Sponsorships with Debbie Arcangeles

WOC Podcasters
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11 Feb 2023 — Debbie realized that with the right audience, she could turn her podcast into a business. She began working with brands and negotiating deals.

How to Negotiate a Podcast Sponsorship – YouTube

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Learn the three questions you need to ask yourself before you negotiate with a podcast (blog or speaking) sponsor.
YouTube · Kathleen Burns Kingsbury · 13 Jul 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship

HubSpot Blog
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13 Sept 2021 — Podcast ads generate twice the engagement of radio ads. Here’s how to tap into this audience by finding and advertising in a podcast that …

Sponsoring question – podcasting

Reddit · r/podcasting
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… Request failed. What are some things to consider when negotiating a sponsorship deal with a podcast? : r/podcasting.  . TOPICS.

Paid Sponsorships: Build a Better Negotiating Table

The Tilt
› paid-sponsorship-tips
1 Jun 2023 — Justin relates the story of Paul, a content entrepreneur who hosted a podcast for lawn care professionals interested in growing their businesses …

Podcast Advertising Rates: How Much Does It Cost To Buy …

Jake Jorgovan
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19 May 2023 — … advertising on a podcast is to negotiate an affiliate marketing deal with a podcaster. Often the deal is a lower up-front rate for advertising …

Podcast Sponsorship Proposal Template: Get Featured

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21 Jul 2022 — Sponsoring podcasts can be a win-win-win for your brand and the influencer. We give you a podcast sponsorship proposal template so you can …

ART of Feminine NEGOTIATION Cindy Watson

› podcast › art-of-feminine-ne…
168: Negotiating for Corporate Sponsorships. The secrets behind successful sponsorship negotiations are revealed in this interview between Cindy Watson and …

the Psychology of Negotiation as a Creator Sponsorship …

YouTube · Kirk Nugent
330+ views · 1 year ago

negotiation #sponsorships #branddealwizard the Psychology of Negotiation as a Creator Sponsorship Strategy with Justin Moore As a Content …

12 key moments
in this video

How to negotiate professional sports sponsorships successfully

YouTube · Marq — Build on-brand content that hits the Marq.
280+ views · 3 years ago

… sponsorship game. Tom addresses everything from … Brand Land Podcast Ep 27 | How to negotiate professional sports sponsorships successfully.

Sports Sponsorship Placement & Negotiation – Mills Marketing
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As a partner with Geico we are proud to help them with their sports sponsorship placement, negotiation and integration. … Podcast. Navigate. Home · About …

Negotiating with my sponsor

Project Management Institute
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Well, these may be some of the reasons, but a key ingredient is the ability of project managers to manage upward and effectively negotiate with their sponsors.

How to negotiate sport sponsorship agreements

› blogs › sport-sponsorship…
31 Jul 2023 — What should sports event rights holders be aware of when negotiating sponsorship agreements?

The complete guide to podcast sponsorships – YouTube

YouTube · Buzzsprout — Learn How to Podcast
9K+ views · 3 years ago

… “How do you find sponsors?” 01:10 – How to find podcast sponsors 03:05 – How to price your podcast 04:00 – Value-based negotiation 05:22 – …

9 key moments
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How to Negotiate a Podcasting Agreement – YouTube

YouTube · Law Insider
1.4K+ views · 3 years ago

How to Negotiate a Podcasting Agreement. 1.4K views · Streamed 3 … The complete guide to podcast sponsorships. Buzzsprout — Learn How to …
6 key moments
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How To Negotiate With Sponsors – YouTube

YouTube · Josh Spector
210+ views · 11 months ago

This is a special “Flip the Script” episode! Instead of answering a guest’s questions, host Josh Spector brings on an expert he wants to …

10 Best Negotiation Podcasts You Must Follow in 2024

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Submit Your Podcast. Sponsor this list. ×. Contents. Negotiation Podcasts. BFM » Raise Your Game; Negotiations Ninja Podcast; The Negotiators; Greg Williams The …

How to Survive your First Sponsorship Negotiation – YouTube

YouTube · Justin Moore
2.3K+ views · 1 year ago

If you want to make the most money possible from your sponsorships and brand deals, learning basic negotiation strategies is a MUST.

8 key moments
in this video

proposal template

podcast ads

sports sponsorship

justin moore

sponsorship proposal

sponsorship deals

podcast monetization

your podcast

How to Negotiate a Deal with a Podcast Sponsor | We Edit …
How to Negotiate a Deal with a Podcast Sponsor | We Edit …

We Edit Podcasts
How To Effectively Negotiate Podcast Sponsorships – Podcast
How To Effectively Negotiate Podcast Sponsorships – Podcast

The Podcast Babes
Brand Land Podcast Ep 27 | How to negotiate professional sports sponsorships successfully
Brand Land Podcast Ep 27 | How to negotiate professional sports sponsorships successfully

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Listen to ART of Feminine NEGOTIATION podcast

› show
The secrets behind successful sponsorship negotiations are revealed in this interview between Cindy Watson and Linda Hollander. This conversation promises …

Podcast Advertising: How to Find Profitable …

Magellan AI
› blog › podcast-advertising-…
Podcast Advertising: the definitive guide to finding profitable podcast sponsorship opportunities … Get better ad rates through negotiation; Leverage the …

Podcast Advertising: The Ultimate Guide [2023]

› news-and-insights › podc…
Unlike working with sales reps or the podcaster directly, the self-serve platform does not involve any back and forth or negotiating CPMs with multiple …

Podcast Advertising Contract Template.docx

› hubfs › Po…
This agreement is to confirm that ADVERTISER (henceforth known as Advertiser) is entering into a binding sponsorship agreement with PODCAST. … negotiations, and …

Physician Contract Negotiation

› shows › podcasts › physicia…
… Podcast guest, a sponsor, or as a member of the BackTable Team. Subscribe to the BackTable Newsletter. Select which show(s) you would like to subscribe to: ENT.

Negotiate Anything Podcast | Free Listening on Podbean App

› podcast-detail › Negotiate…
“Negotiate Anything” is the #1 negotiation podcast in the world, celebrated with over 10 million downloads, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and a global …

The Art of Negotiation: Understanding the Nuance and Skill …

Legal Talk Network
› podcasts › 2024/01 › th…
5 days ago — In this edition of the ABA Law Student Podcast, former professional soccer player and now attorney Meghann Burke talks about her experiences …

️ Meet Chris Voss (@thefbinegotiator), the former FBI …

Instagram · nobodytoldmeshow
2 likes · 1 month ago
… negotiation. Listen to the full podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts. Thanks to our sponsors for this week’s episode …


› … › News › Commitment
Fifteen years on, the now Worldwide Paralympic Insurance Partner has released season 2 of its award-winning podcast … This is the result of talks that have been …

How To Get Sponsors For An Event: The Ultimate Guide

Think Orion
› blog › event-sponsorshi…
20 Dec 2023 — Hold a sponsor summit or podcast; Build activation based on audience … Here are a few tips for sponsorship negotiation: Be open-minded; Be …

How The Negotiation Process Is Like Poker with Mike Caro …

› Podcasts
… (sponsor) Our previous podcast episode featuring Robert Greene Connect with … Negotiations Ninja Podcast is the number one negotiation podcast in the world.

Rolling Through Negotiations Podcast

› series
Transcriptions, sponsors, audience info, episodes and content rating for … Hosted by Matthew Karakoulakis, an adept negotiator and a seasoned lawyer, this …

The Complete Guide to Sponsorship Marketing

› blog › sponsorship-marketing-guide
14 Nov 2023 — Instead, a sponsor could be featured on the sponsee’s social media channels, website, podcast and more; Event branding. The sponsor’s branding …

Event Sponsorship Strategies: How to Secure and …

› Home › Others
30 Oct 2023 — Negotiating sponsorship agreements requires a collaborative approach that aims to create a win-win situation for both the event organizer and …

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