Mentorship programs

WWhat is a mentoring program? Mentor or partnership programs connect people who have specific skills and knowledge (mentors) with individuals (protégés) who need or want the same skills and advantages to move up in work, skill level, or school performance.

Section 1. Building Youth Mentoring Programs

The University of Kansas
› youth-mentoring › overview
Mentorship Programs: Your 2024 Ultimate Guide – AIHR
5 Step Guide for Successful Mentorship Programs | Chronus
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Mentoring Programs: Purpose, Benefits + How to Get Started

Together Mentoring Software
› blog › what-is-the-p…
1 May 2023 — Mentoring is a mutually beneficial experience. It gives mentees access to support and opportunity, and mentors also gain the chance to build …
‎What is mentorship? An… · ‎steps to building a successful… · ‎The 4 types of mentors

5 Step Guide for Successful Mentorship Programs

› how-to-start-a-mentoring-progr…
Learn how to start a mentoring program with our 5-step guide. Chronus helps organizations design, launch, measure, and scale mentorship programs.

Mentorship Program

The Fleischer Foundation
› mentorship-…
The focus is not just on academics but also personal growth, family matters, social lives, and other soft skills. These sessions have an imam and priest in …

Developing a Mentoring Program
LinkedIn Learning
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Intermediate · Subscription · 1 hour

Mentoring Masterclass: Complete Guide for Mentors & Mentees
Wizdom Learning
via Udemy
US$9.99 · 2 hours

Mentoring Program: Personal, Career and Business Success
MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance
via Udemy
Free · 43 minutes

Meaningful Mentoring: Six Pillars of Mentoring Relationships
Paul Scanlon
via Udemy
Free · 57 minutes

Fundamentals of Mentoring
Renata Fester
via Udemy
Free · 32 minutes

10+ Examples of successful mentoring programs

Together Mentoring Software
› blog › examples-…
21 Sept 2022 — 10+ Examples of successful mentoring programs · 1. Randstad’s leadership development mentoring program · 2. Avison Young’s mentorship program …
‎Avison Young’s mentorship… · ‎New York Life’s Empower…

7 Benefits of Mentoring Programs in the Workplace
University of the People
› blog › 7-benefits-of-ment…
From career development to reducing employee training costs, here are seven benefits that will change the way you view mentoring.

Mentorship Programs: Your 2024 Ultimate Guide

› blog › mentorship-programs
Mentorship programs at work can be a great way to support your employees’ growth, drive the organization’s business, and attract new candidates. HR and/or L&D …

What Are Mentorship Programs? 6 Important Questions

› blog › what-are-mentor…
28 Jun 2022 — Mentorship programs are a type of employee engagement tool used to learners (mentrees) with experienced team members (mentors).

The Five Secrets Of The Best Mentoring Programs

› sites › iese › 2022/09/26 › t…
26 Sept 2022 — Well-designed mentorship programs can spur your people, and your business, to greater heights.

Mentorship Programs – UoN | Faculty of Education

University of Nairobi
› basic-page › mentorshi…
2.) Generally, mentorship programmes in the Department are academic. The programmes range from Diploma level in some courses to undergraduate, masters and PhD …
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MENTOR | Become or Find a Mentor

MENTOR aims to drive equity and close the mentoring gap through quality mentoring relationships for young people. We activate a diverse cross-sector movement …

About – Mentorship Program – GLOW Foundation
› glow-mentor…
Our Mentorship Program matches accomplished female Kenyan leaders with GLOW Girls to encourage character building, leadership, personal and professional …

The Ultimate Guide to Structuring An Effective Mentorship …

› blog › the-ultimate-guide-to-s…
3 Jan 2024 — The key to a productive mentoring program is choosing the right participants who can engage with one another and work together to achieve …

Effective Mentorship Programs in the Workplace Are Doable

› blog › mentorship-progra…
17 Jan 2022 — A well-functioning mentoring program helps employees grow personally and professionally through their relationships with their mentors. By …

Mentoring Programs: A step by step guide to getting started

Guider AI
› blog › how-to-start-a-mentorin…
Find the people in your organisation with the most influential weight and sell them the dream first. If you can get them signed up for the program and talking …

7 Vital Mentorship Programs To Advance Your Career

› article › 7-vital-mentorship…
A leadership mentoring program can help those in leadership positions or new managers to develop skills like emotional intelligence, and agility. It can also …


Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
› mentorsh…
The Kenya Alumni Engagement Program organized a mentorship program in Mombasa for youths aged 13 to 25. The primary goal was to empower them with the relevant …

The What, Why, and How of Mentorship Programs at Work

› blog › mentorship-programs
This article will explore what corporate mentoring programs look like, why your company will benefit from formal programs, and how to introduce mentor-mentee …

The Power Of Mentorship: How Mentors Can Help …

› karadennison › 2023/03/27
27 Mar 2023 — Mentorship programs have become an increasingly popular resource as organizations recognize the value of employee development.

Benefits of Mentoring for Young People
› youth-topics › benefits-mentoring-…
… mentoring programs do not show consistent improved academic outcomes. Better … Teachers of students in the BELONG mentoring program reported that students …

Top Companies With Successful Mentorship Programs

› blog › successful-mentorship-progr…
3 companies showcasing successful mentorship programs · From construction to consulting, these five companies prove that mentoring is at the core of talent …

Mentorship Programs in the Workplace: A Step-by- …

LinkedIn · Michael Langeveld
40+ reactions · 7 months ago
Establish a communication framework: Encourage regular communication between mentors and mentees. Set expectations for communication frequency …

Apply to be a mentor

YALI East Africa
› mentor_registration
Our mentorship programs’ goal is to offer relationships that increase the success of our alumni towards building the cadre of leadership required for Africa.

Mentorship Programme – UoN | DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY

› basic-page › mentorshi…
Mentorship Programme. Mentorship programs connect people who have specific skills and knowledge (mentors) with individuals who need or want the same skills and …

24 Reasons Why Mentorship Is Important for Mentee and …

› … › Career development
31 Jul 2023 — Mentorship relationships can be built through networking, personal connections or formal mentorship programs. 12 reasons a mentor is important.

Step by Step to Set Up a Mentoring Program in the …

› blog › mentoring-program
13 Jul 2023 — Train Your Mentors · Provide them with expectations and objectives. · Ensure they understand the aim of the program. · Help them understand the …

The Benefits of Mentoring

UC Davis Human Resources
› departments › learning › toolkits
28 Oct 2022 — Mentoring brings value at many levels for mentees, mentors, supervisors and the organization for which they work.

The Various Types of Mentorship Programs and How to …

› blogs › hrdq-blog › types-of-…
5 Feb 2023 — The Types of Mentorship Programs · 1. Career Mentoring Programs · 2. New Manager Mentoring Programs · 3. Diversity-Focused Mentoring Programs.

Youth Promise Kenya
› mentorship-pro…
This program gives the young people an opportunity to know who they are and identify the talents lying within them. They get an opportunity to assess the …

Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program – Mentee Application …

World Health Organization
› mwele-malecela-mentorshi…
In this regard, the Mwele Malecela Mentorship Program is committed to selecting diverse cohort members, representing different sectors (public, private, …

Mentorship Program

Kenya Drylands Education Fund
› mentorship-program
Mentorship Program … Every year we hold a 3-day Mentorship Program for our scholars and students from the host communities. The topics covered during the …

Benefits of Mentoring Programs and Mentorship

Guider AI
› blog › mentoring-benefits
What are the benefits of mentorship to the mentee? · Increased self-confidence · Increased self-awareness · Improved communication skills · Better personal …

Mentorship Programme

Global Changemakers
› mentorship
Our Mentorship Program was created with the purpose to help young people discover their purpose, fulfil their potential and “be the change they want to …

What Makes A Good Mentorship Program? 5 Key Features

› blog › 5-features-great-ment…
17 Apr 2023 — A successful mentorship program features great matching · Choose the right matching type and technique · Clarify goals and expectations · Use a …

UN-Habitat Youth Mentorship program to link mentors with …

› un-habitat-youth-mentorship-pr…
UN-Habitat´s Youth Mentorship programme will for the second time, partner with mentors to increase the capacity of youth-led organizations it supports.


› wiki › Mentorship
Mentorship is the patronage, influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less …

Student Mentorship Guide

Daystar University
› downloads › Mento…
To change the increasing trend of poor academic performance of students in the universities and other tertiary institutions, a good mentorship program is …

Mentorship Program

Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
› education › mentorship-program
The central argument presented is that mentoring can be used as a vehicle to support pharmacists to learn from others and each other, to reinforce and own their …

How to Start a Mentoring Program in 10 Easy Steps

› blog › how-to-start-a-m…
25 Sept 2023 — Create a Mentoring Program in 10 Steps · Understand what mentoring is and isn’t · Align mentoring with your organization’s objectives …

› youth-topics › mentoring is the U.S. government website that helps you create, maintain, and strengthen effective youth programs. Included are youth facts, funding information …

Mentorship programmes in Kenya can make graduates …

The Conversation
› mentorship-programmes…
7 Apr 2021 — Structured mentorship. KamiLimu offers structured mentorship to bridge skills gaps among Kenyan tertiary-level students. The programme was …

Mentoring Programs for Youth: A Promising Intervention for …

National Institute of Justice (.gov)
› topics › articles › mentoring-prog…
26 May 2021 — On the whole, the findings provide intriguing preliminary evidence that mentoring received through a program during childhood or adolescence can …

Mentoring Programs: Their Benefits and How To Get Involved

› … › Career development
Being a mentor gives you the opportunity to shape an organization’s leaders for tomorrow. You can share your knowledge and give mentees the tools they need to …

Creating A Mentor Program

Society for Human Resource Management
› … › Student Membership
How to Organize the Program · 1. Establish requirements for participation in the program and create enrollment forms. · 2. Establish specific mentor activities …

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Mentorship Programs: Your 2024 Ultimate Guide – AIHR
Mentorship Programs: Your 2024 Ultimate Guide – AIHR

TOGETHER: a UN Mentoring Programme | HR Portal
TOGETHER: a UN Mentoring Programme | HR Portal

HR Portal
9 Steps to Establish a Successful Sales Mentorship Program
9 Steps to Establish a Successful Sales Mentorship Program

HubSpot Blog
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Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) Organization

The P.A.K.E.M.A Mentorship is an alliance of Kenyans and Global Elites extending networking MENTORSHIP … program that majorly inculcate the necessary life …

ASHA’s Mentoring Programs

› students › mentoring
ASHA’s Mentoring Programs. Passionate mentoring teaches, inspires, and changes lives. ASHA supports mentoring as a way to link the passionate professionals in …

Industry Mentorship Programs – UW Career & Internship Center

University of Washington
› industry-mentorship-programs
Through experiences both in the classroom and with a mentor, participants will gain insight and guidance about a particular industry, explore topics related to …

Mentorship Programs: Definition, Purpose & Tips (2023)

› blog › mentorship-programs
Mentorship programs help train and upskill employees, fuel succession planning, and retain company knowledge. Learn more.

YELD Kenya – Mentorship for Entrepreneurial Impact

YELD Kenya

YELD Mentorship Program Feedback Score. To enhance our mentorship effectiveness, YELD fosters continuous improvement through data collection and analysis from …

Undergraduate Mentorship Program | Department of Economics

University of Washington
› undergraduate-mentors…
The undergraduate mentorship program links undergraduate economics students with volunteer mentors in order to enable students to develop life and career …

How to Start a Mentoring Program in 6 Steps

› article › how-to-start-a-me…
Start your mentoring program with these 6 easy and effective steps. · Step 1: Defining your purpose and goals · Step 2: Design details · Step 3: Attracting and …

11 Creative Mentorship Program Ideas & Tips in 2024

› Resources
7 Sept 2023 — Ideas for a mentorship program · 1. Develop a mentoring plan · 2. Recruit and match mentors and mentees · 3. Incorporate cross-departmental …

Introduction to mentoring: A guide for mentors and mentees

American Psychological Association
› education-career › grad › ment…
A mentor is a coach who provides advice to enhance the mentee’s professional performance and development and a role model and support system for the mentee.

Discover High School Mentorship Programs
› blog › explore
Discover High School Mentorship Programs · 1. ACE Mentor Program · 2. Check & Connect · 3. Dell Scholars Program · 4. FFAC National High School Mentorship · 5.

Mentorship Programs
UC San Francisco
› content › mentorship-progr…
Mentorship Programs at UCSF – image of professionals helping climb a mountain · Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Mentorship Program · LGBTQ Mentoring Program.

Mentorship Program: What Is This and How to Run It in 2024

iSpring Solutions
› blog › mentorship…
23 May 2023 — Benefits of a Mentorship Program. Mentoring is an investment in human capital. It allows new hires to feel more relaxed in their first months of …

Mentorship Programs: Your Complete Guide 2024

People Managing People
› employee-lifecycle
How to start a mentorship program in your organization · 1. Revisit your talent priorities · 2. Design your program · 3. Develop Tools and Resources · 4. Build …

The effect of mentorship program in enhancing …

National Institutes of Health (.gov)
› articles › PMC7642471
by N GUHAN · 2020 · Cited by 11 — The benefits of mentorship program are not only limited to academic performance but also to emotional and personal aspects including career development, …

10 Best Mentorship Programs in the U.S. for Post-Grads

Time Out
› usa › things-to-do › best-…
8 May 2023 — Best mentorship programs in the U.S. · 1. USITT Gateway Program · 2. The New York Foundation for the Arts Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program · 3 …

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