Long-tail keyword research

Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are & How to Use Them in …

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10 Aug 2023 — Long-tail keywords are highly specific search queries that have lower search volumes but more refined intent.
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Top 15 Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords in 2023

HubSpot Blog
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23 Mar 2021 — Best Tools for Finding Long-Tail Keywords · 1. HubSpot Content Strategy Tool · 2. AnswerThePublic · 3. Semrush · 4. SEOmator · 5. KWFinder · 6.

Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are & How to Use Them

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Long-tail keywords are valuable for businesses who want their content to rank in organic Google searches, but they’re potentially even more valuable for …

What are Long Tail Keywords? And How to Find Them

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29 Aug 2023 — Long tail keywords are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels. Also, long tail terms tend to be longer in …

Best Long Tail Keyword Planner Tool | Longtailpro


Find the Best Long Tail Keywords To Rank Higher In SERPs using built-in engine that calculates the Keyword Competitiveness for any niche.

Long Tail Keyword Tool ⚠️ For SEO 【100% FREE】

Keyword Tool
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Best FREE #1 long-tail keyword generator (Keyword Tool)! Find definition of long- and short-tail keywords & best source to find them in REAL-TIME!

Long-tail Keywords: How-To, Strategies, and Tips

Neil Patel
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Long-tail keywords are what your target audience uses to search Google every day. Read this complete guide to learn how you can integrate them.
Scholarly articles for Long-tail keyword research
… of the importance of the long tail in search engine … – ‎Skiera – Cited by 126
An improved approach for long tail advertising in … – ‎Budhiraja – Cited by 12
Entity-based query recommendation for long-tail … – ‎Huang – Cited by 29

Long-Tail Keywords: What Are They & How To Use Them

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4 Oct 2021 — Long-tail keywords are terms that have a lower search volume and are less competitive. For example, a short-tail keyword is “travel deals”, and …

What are Long Tail Keywords?

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Long tailed keywords are extended search queries that hone in on a specific problem, niche, market or service. These keywords generally contain three or …

Long-tail Keywords: What They Are and How to Get Search …

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25 Nov 2021 — Long-tail keywords are search queries that get a small number of searches per month. They tend to be longer and more specific than their “head” …
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How to Find Long-Tail Keywords: 9 Ways to Discover …

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7 Nov 2012 — How to Find Long-Tail Keywords: 9 Ways to Discover Long-Tail Terms · 1. Use Google Suggest · 2. Use Google’s Related Searches · 3. Use More and …

Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are And How To Use …

Surfer SEO
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7 Jan 2023 — What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific search phrases, usually with relatively low search volumes. They are …

7 Best Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords – Easy Win …

13 Dec 2023 — 7 Best Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords – Easy Win (2024) · 1. KWFinder, ✓ Find long-tail keywords · 2. LowFruits, ✓ Find long-tail …

Long-Tail Keywords: How to Find and Use Them for SEO

SEO PowerSuite
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Long-tail keywords are longer search phrases (typically, three or more words) with highly specific search intent. Because these keywords are more unique, they …

Why You Should Use Long Tail Keywords for SEO

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Targeting long-tail keywords lets you create content directly addressing searchers’ questions and queries. When they search for longer and more detailed phrases …

Long-Tail Keyword Strategy: Why & How to Target Intent for …

Search Engine Journal
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19 Jul 2021 — Long-tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that specifically serve searcher intent. These keywords typically have low search volume, …

The 5 Best Long-tail Keyword Generator Tools

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11 Apr 2023 — The 5 Best Long-tail Keyword Generator Tools · Keywords Explorer is a keyword research tool that runs on a database of billions of keywords.

Using Long Tail Keywords for SEO

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What is a long tail keyword? A long tail keyword is a phrase that is generally made from three to five words. Since these keywords are more specific than …

How To Find Long-Tail Keywords (And Why You Should)

Victorious: SEO Agency
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14 Dec 2023 — Long-tail keywords usually consist of three or more words. Because they’re used by a specific customer segment, they have lower monthly search …

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Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are & How to Use Them | WordStream
Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are & How to Use Them | WordStream

What are Long Tail Keywords?
What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail Keyword Research Strategy to improve your SEO
Long-tail Keyword Research Strategy to improve your SEO

Smart Insights
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Long Tail Keywords: A Guide to Using Them for Better SEO
› blog › identify-long-tail-key…
21 Apr 2023 — How to Use Long Tail Keywords for On-Page SEO · Add keywords to image titles, alt-texts, and anchor text where appropriate. · Don’t worry about …

Long Tail Keywords: How to Use Them for SEO

SE Ranking
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13 Jun 2023 — Such keywords are long-tail in the classic sense of the word, meaning they have a low search volume, highly-specific and are easier to rank for.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? And How to Use Them

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Long-tail keywords are search queries with low search volume. Using long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy lets you tap into high-converting search …

Long-Tail Keyword | Use Cases | Research Methods – Lunio

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How does search volume affect long-tail keyword selection? The search volume for a keyword indicates how many people are searching for that term. The higher the …

Free keyword research tool – Find longtail and related keywords


With our keyword suggestion tool, you get hundreds of keyword ideas for your topic, that you can easily filter, download and add to your campaigns! You benefit …

Long-Tail Keywords: What Are They and How To Find Them

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
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5 Jan 2023 — Long tail keywords for SEO, as the name implies, are longer keywords that are more specific than popular search queries. Unlike short or “head” …

Top 9 Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools for 2023

Exploding Topics
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6 Mar 2023 — Long tail keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy. Whether you’re planning new content or optimizing current pages, …

Long-tail keywords: why they deserve your focus!

› SEO blog › Content SEO
22 Sept 2021 — Long-tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific. They allow you to …

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? (With Examples)

› … › Career development
24 Jun 2022 — Since long-tail keywords are very specific, when a consumer uses one in search, they are often very close to making a purchase. Long-tail …

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? And How To Use Them

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25 Oct 2023 — When looking at the right side of the graph (the orange line that looks a like a dinosaur’s tail), those represent the more descriptive phrases.

Three good reasons to target long tail keywords!

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Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a …

Long Tail Keyword

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Like the long-tailed macaque, it spends a lot of time as the subject of research. But far less time flinging its own shit.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Foundation Marketing
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Long tail keywords are the long search queries that searchers make. They are usually three to four words and are more descriptive than regular keywords.

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords with Keyword Tools

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13 Jul 2023 — How do you find long-tail keywords with keyword research tools? · 1 What experts are saying · 2 Use seed keywords as a starting point · 3 Filter …

9 tips to get the full SEO benefits of long-tail keywords

Search Engine Land
30 Jan 2023 — 1. Start small, gain traction. A long-tail keyword strategy is ideal for gaining traction in a new market. If you’re starting a new site or …

How to Effectively Conduct Keyword Research for Long- …

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6 Nov 2023 — Identifying your target audience is vital for effective keyword research. Understanding who you are targeting will help you choose the right …

What Are Long-Tail Keywords & How to Find Them?

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12 Mar 2020 — The key characteristics of long-tail keywords: · they consist of more words (which means they are more specific) · they usually have lower …

How to Crush Niche SEO with Long-Tail Keywords

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7 Nov 2023 — HOTH keyword planner · Remember that true long-tail keywords receive low search volume, so look for keywords with a volume of 200 or less. · The …

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool – Find Tons of Longtail …

SEO PowerSuite
› Keyword research
Free keyword research tool for discovering long-tail keywords using nine different methods. Discovered keywords come with a variety of metrics, …

Long-Tail Keywords: A Comprehensive Guide

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This is due to a mix of reasons. First, many companies focus exclusively on high-volume terms, leaving long-tail keywords wide open. Moreover, the sheer number …

Long-Tail Keywords 2023: How to Rank Higher on … – YouTube

YouTube · Surfside PPC
2.3K+ views · 10 months ago

Are you struggling to get your content and your videos to rank higher on search engines? Are you tired of seeing your competitors steal all …

10 key moments
in this video

Long Tail Keyword Generator Online [100% Free]

SEO Magnifier
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Step 1: Choosing longtail keywords generator tool · step 2: type or insert your seed keyword in the input box · Step 3: selecting the keyword research options.

The Definition of a Long-Tail Keyword [In Under 100 Words]

HubSpot Blog
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29 Mar 2014 — Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. The “long-tail” refers to the search demand curve — as …

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords in SEO

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6 Nov 2023 — What are Long Tail Keywords · Long tail keywords offer higher intent because they reflect specific user needs or queries. · They help attract a …

Long-Tail Keywords and Content Marketing
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Long-tail keywords are keywords that have a fairly low search volume and are located in the long tail of a distribution graph. So, instead of referring to the …

How to Get Ahead in SEO Using Long-tail Keywords

› blog › long-tail-keywords-…
7 Nov 2022 — What Are Long-tail Keywords, and Why are They Important for SEO? Long-tail Keywords are exact search terms and rank better and bring in more …

How to find longtail keywords using Google’s …

› blog › how-to-find-lon…
As long as you can demonstrate search volume for your keywords, you’ll be in with a chance of ranking for them. Below you can see how it went down for our ‘ …

Long-tail Keyword Research Strategy to improve your SEO

Smart Insights
› Blog
Are you following these simple long-tail keyword research steps to improve your SEO? · 1. Study your competitors · 2. Know your main keywords first · 3.

Long Tail Keyword: Tools & Research

› … › SEO for Business Development
A long tail keyword is usually between 3 to 5 keywords used by customers who are searching for a specific item in a search engine. Long tail keywords are …

11 Simple Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

LinkedIn · Gregor (グレゴール) S.
9 reactions · 2 years ago
11 Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords · 1 – They Have Lower Competition · 2 – They Have Better Conversion Rates · 3 – They Increase Your …

How to Find Low Competition Long-Tail Keywords – YouTube

YouTube · Robbie Richards
670+ views · 6 months ago

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly find low competition long-tail keywords for any type of website.

Long-tail Keyword Research

Smart Insights
› tag › long-tail-keywo…
A long-tail keyword is descriptive in nature and normally consists of three or more words. More descriptive phrases are low in cost and risk, yet offer a higher …

Long-Tail Keyword Research Guide

Digital Marketing Institute
› blog › long-tail-…
14 Sept 2015 — A long-tail keyword contains a minimum of three words and is effective at targeting niche audiences with specific terms. The value of using long …

How to Conduct Simple Longtail Keyword Research – YouTube

YouTube · Grow with Will – SEO, Sales & Entrepreneurship
590+ views · 6 months ago

In today’s video, I’ll be sharing with you a Semrush Masterclass deep dive into keyword research. In this tutorial, we will explore the …

9 key moments
in this video

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Improved SEO

› long-tail-keywords
Long-tail keywords are advantageous over shorter keyword phrases because there’s much less competition clamoring for them. Since users tend to type in long tail …

Long-Tail Keywords: How to Research and Use Them For …

Master Blogging
› long-tail-keywords
22 Sept 2023 — 2. Ahrefs … Its Keywords Explorer tool can lead you to a gold mine of long-tail keywords! This is what you do: Step 1: Launch Keywords Explorer …

Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool online by SmallSEOTools

› long-tail-keyword-generator
Long tail keyword generator tool is best easy to use free tool for bloggers that shows you hundreds of low difficult keyword suggestions to use on your …

7 Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools to Uncover …

› blog › long-tail-keyword-gene…
27 Nov 2023 — 7 Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools to Uncover Keywords · LongTailPro · LowFruits · AnswerThePublic · Google Keyword Planner · Keywords …

What Are Long-Tail Keywords: How to Find Them and Use …

Main Street ROI
› Blog
27 Jul 2023 — Long-tail keywords are phrases comprised of two to three words or more and have a smaller search volume compared to head or broad keywords. A …

Long Tail Keywords: How To Find Them + Examples

› Blog › SEO Articles
27 Dec 2023 — What Are Long Tail Keywords? Long tail keywords are search queries that are longer and more specific than commonly used keywords. They usually …

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