Influencer marketing case studies

11 Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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Need proof that influencer marketing works? Check out these 11 influencer marketing case studies with unbelievable results.

8 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Incredible Results

Influencer Marketing Hub
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13 Dec 2023 — 8 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Incredible Results · 1. Nike Air Vapormax · 2. Subaru · 3. Youfoodz · 4. Pottery Barn · 5. Gerber Lil’ …
‎Nike Air Vapormax · ‎Subaru · ‎Youfoodz · ‎Gerber Lil’ Beanies

5 Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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These case studies were handpicked for their unique creative approach, strong performance, and valuable insights on building unique influencer campaigns.
35 pages

8 Insane (But True) Influencer Marketing Case Studies
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8 influencer campaign case studies that crushed it · 1 – Kettle + Fire · 2 – Iceland Foods · 3 – Warby Parker · 4 – Health-Ade · 5 – Dyson · 6 – Kalumi Beauty · 7 – …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies: Real-World Examples …

LinkedIn · Flytant
4 reactions · 2 months ago
One of the most iconic examples of influencer marketing success comes from the Swedish watch company, Daniel Wellington. Their watches became a …
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Scholarly articles for Influencer marketing case studies
Influencer marketing as a marketing tool: The process … – ‎Biaudet – Cited by 116
Influencer marketing – ‎Brown – Cited by 1169

Influencer Marketing Case Studies (2023)

Business of Apps
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5 Sept 2023 — Influencers need to be creative, artistic, and authentic for an influencer marketing campaign to succeed. Case Study #1 EA Sports. EA Sports is …

Case studies of micro-influencer campaigns we’ve loved

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Looking for a micro-influencer case study? Here are some inspirational campaigns that we’ve loved – from the brands like Maltesers, Lumene, and others.

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

The Shelf
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Learn from the success of others with our catalog of influencer marketing case studies from nearly a decade of helping brands reach customers!

3 influencer marketing case studies to learn from | …

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24 Feb 2023 — See examples of successful influencer marketing case studies to guide your brand’s own own influencer marketing strategy.

10 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Amazing Results

Shane Barker
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17 Oct 2023 — Check out 10 successful influencer marketing case studies, and find out what these brands and businesses did to get such amazing results.
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Does Influencer Marketing Really Work? These 10 Case …

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9 Jan 2023 — Discover 10 influencer marketing case studies where social media content drives results! Step inside the brilliant minds at Nike, …

Influencer Marketing Examples: 16 Compelling Case Studies
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1 Jan 2024 — Influencer marketing efforts should focus on finding the best influencer for the job, rather than collecting a wide variety of influencers and …

Best Case Studies of Influencer Marketing

Board Infinity
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Influencer marketing is definitely a sure-shot way to create awareness and boost sales of your product or service. If done well, Influencer Marketing is a great …

Get Inspired by These Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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28 Jun 2023 — From milkshakes to skincare products, here are some of our favorite influencer marketing case studies · Hidden Valley Ranch · Tyson · Mayvenn.

15 Influencer marketing case studies with amazing results

Nine Agency
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Successful Influencer marketing campaigns in the Nordics · Lunar as a bank · Lightsnap · ONEPan · Awareness for the Skoda Octavia · Launch of new products from …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies: Lessons from …

LinkedIn · Flytant
3 reactions · 1 month ago
Influencer marketing, when executed strategically, has the power to elevate brands and forge meaningful connections with consumers. By drawing …

The Power of Influencer Marketing: Case Studies

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25 May 2023 — Influencer marketing is all about partnering with individuals with a significant social media following to promote your brand or product. Here, …

Creative Influencer Marketing Case Studies for E …

Digital Agency Network
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10 Oct 2023 — We know from published case studies that its influencer marketing campaigns have generated a positive ROI, increased brand awareness, and driven …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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Top influencer marketing case studies. ; 18.7M · 17.3M · Accounts Reached. Impressions ; 2.5M · 15.1K · Total Impressions. Total Engagements ; 1.8M+. 8. Total Views.

Case Studies – Kynship Influencer Marketing

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Read from our case studies to see how our unique approach to influencer marketing has helped DTC brands big and small grow with paid advertising.

Top influencer marketing case studies
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Influencer marketing case studies to inspire your next campaign. Find out how leading brands use to grow their brand and engage new audiences.

The Power of Influencer Marketing: Case Studies

Thunder Tech
› blog-news › may-2023
Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to connect with your desired audience without building it from scratch, as influencers have already worked to establish …

Case Studies: How Brands Achieved Success with …

Medium · klug klug
7 months ago
They leveraged the power of influencer marketing software to identify relevant influencers in the fashion industry. By using the software’s …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Narrators

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Learn about case studies from leading brands on how they are using Narrators platform to efficiently create & manage their influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Case Studies

› influencer-case-studies
Check out these amazing Influencer Marketing Case Studies across a variety of industry verticals. Whether you’re looking for user-generated content, …

Our Influencer Case Studies

House of Marketers
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TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Studies by House of Marketers, Leading TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency.

Brand Influencer Marketing Case Studies — IMA
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Influencer Marketing Case Studies · IMA is the pioneer of the influencer marketing movement. · We work with leading international brands and businesses to create …

Influencer Marketing: Our Case Studies
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Have a look at some successful influencer marketing campaigns that bore impressive results for brands like Snapdeal, Flipkart, White Hat Jr and many more.

Some of our best influencer marketing case studies

Influencer Marketing Factory
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Some of our best influencer marketing case studies ; Ren Skincare. Beauty, TikTok ; Envato. App, Tech, TikTok, YouTube ; ExeGi Pharma. Pets, Pharma, TikTok, …

The Power of Influencer-Generated Case Studies for …

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6 Nov 2023 — Influencer-generated case studies are a type of content marketing that leverages the power of social media influencers to showcase the benefits …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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Mavrck has worked with leading consumer brands across industries to execute award-winning influencer marketing campaigns. Read our case studies to see how …

Incredible Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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Over the years, Kofluence has gone above and beyond to pull off some really incredible stuff. Our journey to dominate the Influencer Marketing realm is …

Leading Influencer Marketing Campaigns & Case Studies

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See how we’ve helped our clients create measurable business results and win industry awards. Want to use influencer marketing to drive awareness, …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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THREE OLIVES. The “Finding Otherness” campaign achieved a +27% increase in brand awareness ; Bissell. Entertaining content delivered an engagement rate of 256% …

13 TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You

Influencer Marketing Hub
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21 Nov 2023 — 13 TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You · 1. Walmart · 2. ACCA · 3. Benny Blanco – Universal · 4. EA Sports · 5. Educational …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies
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Discover the case studies about some of the brands whom we’ve helped create, manage and measure influencer campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Birmingham PR Agency
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View all WPR case studies that involve influencer marketing, and see why our clients trust us to deliver high-performance PR, Social and Search services.

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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Uncover the secrets to successful influencer marketing Cloutflow’s in-depth client case studies. Get inspired by real-life campaigns, innovative strategies, …

11 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Incredible Results
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23 May 2022 — 9. Walmart, Influencer Marketing Case Studies. … Walmart also worked on a marketing campaign with influencers. In this case, they used Tik Tok.

5 brilliant Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Social Samosa
› Case Studies
18 Aug 2017 — Ola’s Prime Time, Amazon’s #CrazyForReadig and HolidayIQ’s #ChaloMPwithHolidayIQ are some of the campaigns that made the best of their resources …

Case studies in influencer marketing –
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Explore the case studies of our clients who have run successful influencer marketing campaigns with our Stellar tool.

GRIN Influencer Marketing Case Studies

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We are able to scale our influencer marketing outreach. Daily we are finding influencers who are willing to receive free product in exchange for posting about …

Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns Case Studies

Do Your Thng
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16 Nov 2022 — Logitech, Intel, and Khel Rummy are three Instagram influencer case studies that delivered tangible results. Intel had a cost per engagement of …

Few Case studies of Influencer marketing

Quaff Media
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As further marketers dive headfirst into influencer marketing, it helps to study successful influencer marketing juggernauts as a design. These case studies …

Case studies

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Read our case studies and get inspired to optimize your strategy! From influencer marketing to live shopping to reviews, you’ll know it all!

Case Studies

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Read the case studies of our work integrating brands into TV, film, music and influencer content. Talk to BEN’s for Influencer marketing and Product …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies: What Worked and How

Medium · Ogundare Kehinde
11 months ago
Influencer Marketing Case Studies: What Worked and How … 2023 is off to a great start with several new innovations such as ChatGPT taking the …

6 Captivating Influencer Marketing Case Studies | OST
› 6-captivating-influencer-m…
25 Apr 2019 — We worked with over 100 micro-influencers to share 10cal content and create their own. This drove an increase in Year on Year sales of 46%, plus …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies –

YouTube · Social Beat
7.1K+ followers
Visit to know more about our influencer marketing platform and our network of 40,000 influeners across India who can be leveraged …

Case Study | The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

The Business of Fashion
› marketing-pr › fas…
1 Mar 2022 — The influencer landscape has changed dramatically. · This case study seeks to educate readers on topics ranging from platform usage, talent …

Case Studies in Influencer Marketing – YouTube

YouTube · Social Beat
40+ views · 3 weeks ago

Understand the importance of storytelling in the influencer marketing world. Join Arushi Gupta, Business Head of, …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

› case-study › influencer-marketing
Influencer Marketing Case Studies · Elevating Cuenote’s Brand- A Strategic Journey to 10,000 Signups in 2 Months · Cuenote’s Influencer Marketing Triumph: 70+ …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies
› case-studies
To achieve this goal, 5 micro-influencers from Switzerland were activated to inform their communities about the topic on Instagram. Campaign engagement was …

Case Studies – Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns
› case-studies
Kinder Joy · Samsung · Pantaloons · Whisper · Meesho · Morphy Richards · Urban Company · Wildcraft · Jeeru.

An Influencer Marketing Guide for Successful Branding in …

› influencer-marketing-guide-and-ca…
2 Jan 2024 — Influencer marketing can be described in many different ways. Simply put, it involves collaborating with media personalities who have built a …

10 influencer marketing case studies get to real results
› 2017/09/18 › influencer-m…
18 Sept 2017 — Influencer marketing case studies help explain why Influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer acquisition channel with real …

Influencer Marketing Case Study: F’Real

› Blog
13 Feb 2023 — In this influencer marketing case study, we partnered with TikTok creators to showcase F’Real smoothies, protein shakes and milkshakes.

Influencer Marketing Case Studies | OBVIOUSLY
› case-studies
Converse partnered with Obviously to increase social awareness and buzz for the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star CX, available at FootLocker, …

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Pinterest · keepfaceinfluencermarketing
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Education nowadays is heavily dependent on technology · Marketing Case Study · Influencer Marketing ; It Is a Very Important Habit to Take Care Of Your Hair · Anti …

6 Influencer Case Studies | BCC Marketing Campaigns

Bold Creators Club
› influencer-case-studies
In the following, you can see some of our customers’ influencer marketing campaigns case studies. Discover some of the most successful influencer campaigns …

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