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Funny Man Peter Sellers’ 1960 Bentley S2 Continental Heading To Auction

Peter sellers was one of the best comic actors of all time and his unique 1960 Bentley S2 Continental is heading to auction with H&H. The S2 is one of 60 built by Bentley, but this one isn’t just unique due to the owner, Sellers made a number of modifications to the car, but these thankfully don’t detract.

With an estimate of between £120,000 – £150,000, this car has those modifications, but also quite a history. Sellers owned the car from November 1961 until July 1966 and during his ownership the car was maintained by Jack Barclay Ltd who it is believed was commissioned to work on reprofiling the front wings with the addition of two headlights.

Beyond the more obvious modification, there is a smoke glass mirror with a longer arm to allow full movement of the sun visor.

Sellers was often changing his cars and Spike Milligan, co star of The Goon Show, referred to them as metal underwear. This makes the length of time Sellers owned the Bentley unusual, it also implies that he thought a great deal of it.

The car is still in what could be described as an original state, having yet to undergo a major restoration. The upholstery is original and has accommodated many celebrities of the time who went in the car with Sellers on journeys. There is also quite a large history file that accompanies it which includes several invoices that mention returning the car to the set of The Wrong Arm Of The Law. There is a poster of the 1963 film included in the car’s sale.

Park Ward only built 60 Drophead Coupe’s and it was also one of the most expensive cars of the time. At £8,246 2s 6d, it was even more expensive than a Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Berlinetta and a Jaguar Mk2 3.8 litre saloon combined.

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