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32 Powerful Website Traffic Generation Techniques You Need To Try

Introduction – 32 Powerful Website Traffic Generation Techniques You Need To Try
Do you want to increase the number of clients and sales that come from your website?

Do you want to grow your business online?

Growing a business is not easy, but with so many options for internet marketing these days it has never been easier.

In this post, we will be discussing 32 different ways that can help drive traffic to your website.

Whether you are running an online store, a service-based business, or simply have a blog; these tips are designed to help drive visitors to your site.

These are tried and true methods that have helped our own websites generate more traffic as well as get more leads and increase revenue!

We are also writing an eBook that will provide over 130 ways to generate traffic on your website.

When our book is released it will be available at a 50% discount to anyone who reads this blog post to the end for the special discount code.

Table Of Contents
Introduction – 32 Powerful Website Traffic Generation Techniques You Need To Try
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Organic vs Inorganic Traffic: Which One Is Best For Me?
Organic Traffic
Inorganic Traffic
The Benefits of Website Traffic
No. 1 Build a relationship with your audience
No. 2 Run Advertisements
Effective Ways Run Advertisements
Promote A Free Trial
Promote Special Deals
Run Sponsored Ads
No. 3 Reply To All Your Comments
No. 4 Use Social Media
No. 5 Use A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy
No. 6 Use Inbound Marketing
No. 7 Generate Website Traffic With Email Marketing
No. 8 Learn Basic SEO
No. 9 Use Video Content
No. 10 Grab Attention With Headlines
No. 11 Optimize Your On-Page SEO
No. 12 Target Long-Tail Keywords
No. 13 Post On Other Websites As A Guest Blogger
No. 14 Get Other Bloggers To Guest Post On Your Blog
No. 15 Use Influencer Marketing
No. 16 Utilize The Power Of LinkedIn
No. 17 Optimize Content For Google Rich Snippets
No. 18 Improve Internal Links
No. 19 Use Social Media Marketing
No. 20 Host Free Webinars
No. 21 Make Sure Your Site is Responsive
No. 22 Ensure Your Site Loads Fast
No. 23 Ensure Your Site Is Properly Indexed By Search Engines
No. 24 Connect With Industry Leaders and Experts
No. 25 Post Useful Content Using Google’s Autosuggestions
No. 26 Build A Community
No. 27 Analyze Your Content Marketing Strategy
No. 28 Split Test Your Marketing Campaigns
No. 29 Optimize And Improve Old Content
No. 30 Use Google My Business
No. 31 Use Browser Push Notifications
No. 32 Post Articles To Medium
Conclusion -32 Powerful Website Traffic Generation Techniques You Need To Try

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Organic vs Inorganic Traffic: Which One Is Best For Me?
There are two major types of traffic that you will generate to your website that will be discussed in this article; organic and inorganic traffic.

There are many different ways to generate organic and inorganic traffic to your website and we’d like to help you learn more about both.

Organic traffic is traffic that comes from the search engine results of a keyword or phrase.

Organic traffic is generated by providing content, having links to your website on other websites, and using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter for marketing purposes.

Inorganic traffic is when you use advertisements in order to get more visitors to visit your website.

Advertising areas include but are not limited to Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing ads along with email blasts, or any form of paid advertisement found online.

Organic Traffic
When people come across your company’s Website through a search engine because they were looking for something specific like what type of product you offer at the time they searched their intention is usually to find information about whatever it was they are interested in purchasing.

This is a huge opportunity for you to sell to an eager prospect who is looking for your product or service.

Inorganic Traffic
Inorganic traffic is when you pay to generate website visitors through a marketing service.

In this case, your company will be paying for the advertisement or offer in order to bring people onto their site.

The Benefits of Website Traffic
When driving website traffic it can result from any of these methods and each one has its own benefits.

Traditional advertising like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that helps with organic search engine rankings as well as writing articles on popular sites are great ways to get free targeted website traffic but there’s paid advertising which we’ve already discussed too.

We have prepared a detailed guide on organic vs inorganic traffic. This guide will help you decide which traffic is best for you. You can find that guide here

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No. 1 Build a relationship with your audience
Building a relationship with your audience is one of the most powerful and effective ways of getting more traffic to your website. It is a surefire way to become more trusted and respected by your readers.

By building a relationship with your audience you will become a familiar and trusted voice that resonates with your audience.

Your audience will look forward to learning more about solving their problems from your advice and content and they will even refer you to their friends.

The trust, bond, and relationship developed from doing this will not only generate traffic to your website but high-quality traffic that is more likely to convert.

It will also help to generate more traffic to your website by doing the following:

Keeping your readers updated on a regular basis. By providing them with ongoing and relevant information they will stay engaged in your content which will help you generate traffic to your website.
Providing valuable, thought-provoking insights that are worth sharing elsewhere through social media or email marketing campaigns.

This can also turn into high-quality backlinks for more targeted traffic to come from search engines like Google.
Helps you to learn what type of content to produce to build a deeper relationship with your audience.

They will be more likely to be active in the comment section of your posts.

This will provide helpful information on how to best serve your prospects and customers.
This also provides you with valuable information to improve your products or service to better serve your market.
An increase in the quality of your content will also result in an increase in website visits from your ideal client because you will be providing quality content that they need.

No. 2 Run Advertisements
Running paid advertisements is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate traffic to your website.

It is so easy and effective that you can get as much traffic as you want, when you want it, and where you want it whether it be a landing page, a blog post, or a free offer that you want to use to generate leads.

The only problem with this method is that it can get pretty expensive pretty fast and is not a sustainable method of generating traffic unless your website is optimized for conversions.

We know that it is important to generate website traffic in order for our business to thrive online.

One way of generating more website traffic is through advertising your products and services on social media sites, blogs, magazines, television commercials, radio ads, etc.

Advertising your product or service will help you connect with potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer them.

how to grow your business online with google ads
Effective Ways Run Advertisements
These are some effective ways of running advertisements:

Promote A Free Trial
The best time to run an advertisement is when there’s another promotion going on so the customer might as well take advantage of both promotions at once! For example – “Free Shipping On Orders Over $100” during Christmas season or “Buy Now And Get A Free Gift!” during the holidays

Promote Special Deals
Promotions are a great way of generating website traffic. For example, you could introduce a 30-day free trial for your services or discounts on future purchases if customers buy now – “Buy Now And Get 20% Off!”

Run Sponsored Ads
The best thing about sponsored ads is that it doesn’t cost as much when compared to other forms of advertising such as television commercials.

However, readers tend to be more engaged with blogs and magazines than they do with TV. This means that they will spend their time reading what’s being advertised rather than watching passively from afar.

It also has better conversion rates since the content is being promoted to a targeted audience who needs it.

No. 3 Reply To All Your Comments
One of the most important and underused methods to generate traffic to your website is by replying to all your comments.

We previously spoke about building a relationship with your audience to help drive traffic and this is one way of building and improving on that relationship.

When new readers on your website see that you read and reply to all the comments on your blog they will be more likely to leave a comment as well.

This is because they feel that they will be heard and helped even if their question is just a simple one to help them understand something you wrote about more clearly.

This will reduce your bounce rate and result in your website being ranked higher by Google.

Commenting on other blogs is another way to generate traffic.

This requires that you first do your research before commenting and then writing a thoughtful, helpful comment which includes a link back to your website or blog post.

It’s important not to ask for links or try any sort of spamming because this will result in getting banned from the site where you are leaving comments as well as limiting future opportunities for generating traffic with this method.

You can also drive more website traffic by participating in forums that relate directly with what your business provides products and services for.

When you participate in these discussion threads related to topics near and dear to what your company does, it increases the chances of being found by potential clients who might be looking for someone just like them

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No. 4 Use Social Media
Social media has massive potential for generating traffic to your website.

By building your social media following and sharing posts daily you are able to generate high-quality, warm traffic back to your website that is more likely to convert than cold traffic.

You can use social media to generate traffic, leads, clients, and sales from your website in many ways. Some of the reasons to use social media to generate traffic to your website include :

Social media is free and easy to use
Many people have more social media followers than email subscribers or website visitors, so it’s a way of reaching a broader audience who might not otherwise find your site.
You can use social text links in posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to drive traffic back to specific pages on your website.
There are many ways that you can generate website traffic with just the power of social networking sites alone!

One other advantage of using social media to generate traffic is that social media is primarily made and used for building relationships.

By using social media to build a relationship with your audience and then sending this audience to your website as warm traffic you increase the likelihood of generating a lead.

Additionally, your social media can help you understand what kind of content to produce that your audience would like and would find helpful.

No. 5 Use A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing: All You Need To Know In 2021
One of the most effective means of driving traffic to your website is via content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategy in which you create and distribute valuable, relevant, and engaging digital media that are intended on providing solutions for a specific target audience’s problems or answering their questions.

This process will help drive web visitors back to your site by telling them how they can solve their problems through what you offer.

Web users typically have many unanswered questions about various products and services before making any purchase decision.

Our goal with content marketing is to answer those questions so as not only to increase user engagement with our articles but also to drive more traffic back to the article pages themselves!

Content marketing is effective because it helps you to address your ideal client’s concerns while also educating them. As you educate them they will begin to trust you and be more trustworthy of you.

When it is time to make a purchase to solve their problems they will be more likely to use you and your business as they trust you more than the competition and you are top of mind.

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No. 6 Use Inbound Marketing
Another important website traffic generating strategy to consider is Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is os a way of creating content that pulls visitors into your website rather than pushing them away.

Inbound Marketing is about engaging with your audience, answering their questions, and demonstrating expertise by providing top-notch information – all on your own site!

Content marketing can be considered Inbound Marketing as well because you are joining the dialogue instead of shouting at people who may not want what you’re selling.

Inbound marketing and content marketing are very similar but not the same.

The difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing is that Inbound Marketing is not just about marketing your content, it’s also about the dialogue with your audience.

By using inbound marketing and content marketing in your business you will be able to generate more traffic to your website that is high-quality, warm, and likely to convert with a little nurturing and relationship building.

No. 7 Generate Website Traffic With Email Marketing
Email marketing is a powerful way to generate traffic to your website.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that you can use in your website to generate a steady and reliable supply of sales, leads, and new customers.

Email marketing is a low-cost way of marketing your business and can even be free with some email marketing service providers like Mailchimp.

There are a few different ways you can generate traffic to your website with email marketing.

One of these ways is by sending out an email newsletter on a regular basis so that people who have subscribed to receive your emails know about new content, products, or services in the pipeline for them.

This way they will be more likely to come back and visit your site when something changes or there’s something new happening at all.

Another great strategy would be to include links within each individual email that directs readers directly to what it is they’re interested in seeing from you right away without having to search around for it themselves.

We have prepared a list of articles below to help generate traffic, leads, clients, and sales to your business with email marketing.

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No. 8 Learn Basic SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful organic methods of generating traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility or rank of a website to increase visitors from search engines.

This is accomplished by increasing the number and quality of inbound links to your site, and using keywords that are useful for those who need it, and providing helpful, relevant, and high-quality content on your website.

A lot of people say that in order to be successful in driving website traffic you need a good SEO strategy.

SEO is where search engine optimization comes into play and implementing an effective SEO campaign for your website can help generate more website traffic than other forms of online marketing like PPC or social media advertising.

Some ways to improve on your current SEO strategy are:

Optimizing your meta tags
Creating quality links back to yourself from other sites (you should avoid linking out if at all possible)
Updating old posts with new information as well as adding new relevant articles that include keywords related to the post being updated
Posting original, helpful, and high-quality content on your blog
There are many tools out there on how you can learn SEO more efficiently: books, tutorials, courses.

We will include a helpful introductory YouTube video below.

No. 9 Use Video Content
One of the most powerful website traffic generation methods that you can use is by implementing video into your overall inbound and content marketing strategy.

Video is more interactive and engaging with users. It also adds a human element to your content that makes it more likable, shareable, and engaging.

It can also be used to deepen your relationship with your website visitor.

Video is different from other forms of content like text and images because it attracts more attention than any other type of media.

One reason why videos attract so much interest is that they are perceived as being more valuable in terms of the information given.

When a person watches a video, the majority assume that there must be something worth watching otherwise no one would spend time viewing it.

The best thing about using videos on your website to drive traffic, leads, or sales is that you can create them yourself at an affordable price!

You don’t need expensive equipment or professional editing skills either – if you have access to YouTube’s “upload” button and a camera, you’re good to go.

For those who are curious about how they can use videos on their website for driving traffic, we recommend the following:

Create short tutorials that offer value to your viewers – be sure to include keywords in these clips!
Make promotional video content based off of popular topics (e.g., wedding dress shopping tips)
Create testimonial videos from satisfied customers or clients with business cards visible at all times so people know how they can get in touch with them if needed
It is important not only to create but also share strategically placed videos throughout your site with links back up top. Your goal should be providing information without being too pushy while encouraging visitors stay on your website and interact more with your content.

No. 10 Grab Attention With Headlines
The headlines you use in your content and on your website will be a powerful website traffic generation factor that can help to boost your ranking.

The headline of your content helps search engines understand the structure of your content and what it is about.

Your headlines will also be the first thing your potential website visitors see on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

A good headline will be catchy and intriguing to your website visitors.

They should also convey the main point of what you are discussing in the content below it so that readers know how to find out more information about a topic they might be interested in.

Here is an example: “How To Be An Expert In Anything” where the headline grabs attention with a clear title that suggests expertise, but also entices people enough with curiosity for them to click through and learn more about how this can work.”

Another way that headlines help to generate traffic to your website is by instantly telling your readers what your content is about.

When they visit your website they will often scroll through your content and only read your headlines and bolded content.

It is only after reading this part of your content or website will they decide to stay and read the whole thing or move onto another site.

That is because they use the headlines of your content to judge how helpful, relevant, and important it is to the current problem they are facing.

You can get more traffic to your website by improving the quality of your content and website when you optimize your headlines.

Cyber Sites Online Presence
No. 11 Optimize Your On-Page SEO
You can improve your website traffic generation by optimizing your On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is how you rank in search engines by getting the best keywords, heading tags, and meta descriptions on your website.

We know that On-Page SEO is important for improving your rankings but how do you use it to drive traffic?

First of all, most people will not be looking at every page of your website when they come from a result in Google Search.

They are only going to look at one or two pages before deciding whether or not they want to stay there or move onto the next site.

You need to make sure that those few pages have compelling titles, relevant content with focused written sentences and paragraphs, keyword usage within headings and subheadings as well as throughout the text itself.

If these things are done then readers are more likely to find your content because it will be ranking better in search engines and search engine visibility is the most important factor in deciding if your website gets traffic or not.

No. 12 Target Long-Tail Keywords
A long-tail keyword is a powerful website traffic generation tool that you can start using in your website’s content marketing and inbound marketing strategy today.

A long-tail keyword is a specific, keyword phrase that is three or more words.

It’s important to research long-tail keywords for your website because they are going to help you attain a higher ranking in search engines and give the content on your site greater visibility.

Long-tail keywords should be part of every strategic marketing plan as it will ensure that visitors who would have never found out about what you offer can find their way to the page that has precisely what they’re looking for.

Once these readers land on one of your pages with a relevant keyword, they’ll stay there! This is key if you want them to read all of your blog post content and not bounce off before scrolling down past the fold.

Another advantage of long-tail keywords is that they are more specific and have better targeting than other keywords. You can get higher-quality traffic that is more likely to convert on your website by using long-tail keywords because the search is so much more specific.

For example “Where to buy Nike Jordan Shoes Online” is a much better search term for selling these shoes to customers than “Nike shoes”.

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No. 13 Post On Other Websites As A Guest Blogger
One way to get more website traffic is by posting on other websites.

Guest blogging can provide you with exposure and help your audience grow, it also helps build your credibility as a blogger or expert in the field that people want to follow what you have to say.

There are many ways for guest blogging but one of these methods would be through direct pitching companies who host blog posts usually at no charge.

Another method of guest blogging is by contributing articles for an online magazine where they pay per article published like freelance writing sites such as Textbroker.

Guest blogging allows you to get a high-quality and authoritative link back to your website that can help to increase the traffic to your website and the domain authority of your website.

Guest blogging, however, is not one of our preferred ways to drive traffic to a website because of a few reasons.

The first reason is that you might have to send out hundreds of requests before you get an opportunity to guest post.

It will take even longer to get an opportunity to guest post on a website that has a high authority rating or domain rating that can benefit your website.

Additionally, guest posting on average only generates about 50 visitors to your website and you only get a single link for all your work.

Instead, we prefer to spend our time posting quality content to our website, taking care of our on-page SEO, and replying to blog post comments.

No. 14 Get Other Bloggers To Guest Post On Your Blog
In the previous section, we discussed the strategy of guest posting on other blogs in an effort to boost your website traffic generation capabilities.

We also talked about why we disliked trying to guest post on another blog as a traffic generation strategy and told you what we prefered to do instead of guest posting.

In this section, we will take a look at why it is helpful to have other bloggers guest post on your website to help with website traffic generation.

Your website traffic generation will improve when other bloggers post guest posts on your website by bringing in fresh, diverse content and by helping to drive more traffic back to your website.

One of the best ways that you can do this is by using a platform like OutreachPlus which helps connect bloggers with businesses looking for guest blog posts.

By getting other bloggers to post on your site, you are leveraging their audience as well since they will be driving some of their readers over to read these articles when they publish them.

This strategy should only work if the article posted offers great value though as we mentioned before about how it is important not just to provide links but also valuable information so that those visitors who come from the blogger’s sites stick around after reading what was offered and take an action such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

By having someone else post a guest post on your website your website traffic will increase without you doing too much work.

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No. 15 Use Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a strategy that is gaining more and more popularity.

It’s because a lot of people are realizing how influential someone who has an established following can be when it comes to driving traffic to your website or even selling products you might have for sale.

Influencer marketing, in general, works by identifying influencers on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram then asking them if they would promote something (such as a product) in exchange for some sort of compensation such as cash rewards.

If the influencer agrees this means that all those followers will see what you’re offering which could result in tons of new visitors coming over to your site.

It will also being great word-of-mouth advertising since people tend to trust recommendations from friends and family much more than they trust from advertisements they might come across.

You will also have an easier time converting these website visitors to customers and email marketing subscribers simply because they have been refered to you by someone they know, love, and trust.

No. 16 Utilize The Power Of LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a powerful website traffic generation social media platform that is more effective than Facebook and Instagram as of the time of the writing of this article.

This is because LinkedIn’s organic reach for posts and other content shared on the platform is much higher than that of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

LinkedIn is also a social media for professionals which means you will be able to generate traffic from a source of a highly qualified audience.

The way to use LinkedIn to generate traffic to your website is very easy. In fact, all you need to do is post a link to your website and product or service on LinkedIn.

You don’t need to write long-form content, the short-form will do just fine for generating traffic through LinkedIn because it is not common practice among most business professionals on this platform.

However, you should be sure that if you are promoting yourself or your company’s services then you would like to use the professional language of posts such as “please connect with me” instead of “follow my blog.”

The tone in posts targeting leads generated by social media platforms should always be educational so make sure that any links posted have some form of valuable information which can help an individual grow their network and also generate more quality leads from the platform while giving them great value at the same time.

Start using LinkedIn as part of your website traffic generation strategy today.

No. 17 Optimize Content For Google Rich Snippets
Another easy and effective way to improve your website traffic generation strategy is to use Rich Snippets in your blog posts.

Rich snippets are type of HTML code that Google uses to display information in search results about your website.

Rich snippets help to generate traffic on your website by increasing the visibility of your content within Google search results.

When you are writing blog posts, include appropriate and informative keywords in the post title, meta description, or metadata fields to help get more traffic from Google’s rich snippets.

You can implement rich snippets easily by adding Schema markup into the head section of the HTML page where you want them displayed, or within a header tag on the post itself, if it is being published as an article.

There are plenty of tools available online which will allow you to create these codes and they are usually quite simple for someone with basic web development skills to use.

It gets a lot easier and better for you if you are using WordPress as there are many simple plugins that you can use to implement Rich Snippets into your website.

To help you with this we have linked to a helpful video below that will teach more about Rich Snippets and how to use them on your WordPress website.

No. 18 Improve Internal Links
Improving your internal links is an easy way to improve your website traffic generation strategy.

A solid internal linking structure will help your website by making it easier for search engine crawlers to find new pages and posts. This will improve your search engine visibility and improve the ranking of your content.

A solid internal linking structure also helps search engines understand how different pages and posts related to each other. This helps the search engine show your content to the right people.

You can improve your internal links by making your navigation, links and footer more intuitive. This increases the likelihood that visitors will be able to find what they are looking for on your website

You can also improve internal links by posting relevant content-related posts below the older posts you have published. Having a thread of conversation going from one topic to another is helpful in understanding how all these topics relate together

Another way to increase internal linking is through cross-linking with similar websites or blogs that share some of the same audience as yours. Connecting two different communities helps both parties get exposure while helping them understand each other better

A final suggestion for improving blog traffic generation strategies internally would be SEO plugins such as the Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin which offers lots of great features like meta description editing and header optimizer to improve the quality of your content.

No. 19 Use Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing offers yet another easy, low-cost, and effective way to get more traffic on your website.

You can use social media ads like Facebook and Instagram ads to quickly increase website traffic. You can also use ads to grow your social media accounts then taking advantage of that growth in your account the following ways:

Posting links to your website in your social media posts
Adding links to your website in your social media account description
Creating a Facebook group with prospects and sharing your website link there
Creating and growing a LinkedIn company page
Creating a Facebook page for your website or business
Posting on social media networks like Reddit, Medium, and Quora
Sending messages to people in the same industry as yours with links to great content they will enjoy.
Posting updates to social media of new content and posts on your website and linking to your website in these posts
A lot of people use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share content and even more businesses have success using ads to grow with these platforms.

This is a great way to get your message seen by an audience that you would not have access otherwise.

However, it’s important not just to post any old thing on these sites because in order for this technique to work the content needs to be interesting enough so that people will want to read it or watch it when they see it pop up in their feed.

If your content does not grab attention than no one will follow you or pay attention to what you are saying.

This simply means that if someone were searching for something specific like “how do I make money online?” then they may never find out about how awesome your blog post as if your content does not grab and hold attention long enough for it to be read.

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No. 20 Host Free Webinars
Hosting a free and helpful webinar is another powerful website traffic generation technique that you should use.

A free webinar will increase website traffic by allowing your visitors to learn about something that they otherwise would not have found out. If you give away a great free webinar, people will want to sign up for more of your content because it is informative and helpful.

Webinars are also an excellent way to generate traffic by advertising them in other places like social media or blogs where there is already an established readership base.

You can advertise the event on sites such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, or even Reddit.

Putting a link at the end of blog posts or articles with specific keywords related to what the webinar is about will help drive website traffic too!

No. 21 Make Sure Your Site is Responsive
As of 2020 over 90% of the global population or 4.28 billion people used a mobile device to access the internet.

As a result website responsiveness is one of Google’s key ranking factors is the responsiveness of your website.

Your website’s responsiveness will directly influence your website’s traffic generation abilities.

Responsiveness is the ability for your website to be shown properly and functionally on mobile and tablet devices as well as it is shown on desktop devices.

Responsiveness will influence how much website traffic you get because if your website is not responsive then when mobile visitors try to access your site they will not have a good experience and will immediately.

This will increase your bounce rate and reduce the average time on site of your website users.

These metrics will send a message to Google that your website is a poor option to be shown to Google searchers and will result in a reduction in your ranking.

This reduction in your ranking will cause you to get less traffic to an already unresponsive website.

Though it might seem like a small issue because it does not directly drive traffic to your website you should ensure that your website is responsive and allows mobile and tablet users to browse your website with ease and a good user experience.

email marketing campaigns for small businesses
No. 22 Ensure Your Site Loads Fast
Website speed, like website responsiveness, is a critical Google ranking factor.

In fact, as the time it takes for your website to load increases you will also experience an increase in your bounce rate or single-page visits.

According to research done by website speed testing giants, Pingdom, as your website’s load time increases so will your bounce rate.

In fact, if your website loads in under 2 seconds then your bounce rate will be at just about 9% but if your website loads in 5 seconds your bounce rate will soar to a staggering 38%.

As your bounce rate increases because of slow page load times, your website’s value in the eyes of Google as a good place to send traffic will also decrease.

That will, like with responsiveness, resulting in a decrease in search rankings. This decrease in search ranking impacts your search visibility and eventually will lead to less traffic coming to your website.

To improve your website traffic generation strategy be sure to focus on website speed as it directly impacts how well your website fares and how much traffic you can get from organic and inorganic means.

No. 23 Ensure Your Site Is Properly Indexed By Search Engines
Ensuring your website is properly indexed by search engines is a simple way to ensure that your website gets a lot of traffic.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is, how helpful your product or service is, or how well-written your content is if no one can find it.

If search engines cannot find and index your site then your website generation strategy will crash and burn… miserably.

But the good news is that it’s relatively easy to avoid and resolve this issue.

To get started you only need to ensure you have submitted your website to popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

You also need to ensure that your website’s site map is properly submitted and is being crawled by these search engines.

You can learn how to submit your site to the popular search engines to increase your website traffic by reading through this guide.

No. 24 Connect With Industry Leaders and Experts
Connecting with Industry though leaders and experts is a powerful way to generate traffic to your website.

The way this works is by that you would reach out to leaders and experts in your industry or niche and ask them if they are willing to share their website with you.

You would then recommend their website to your audience as a potential source for helpful information.

The benefits of connecting with these individuals is that this will create a win-win situation for both parties, as the expert will be getting free exposure on their social media accounts while also gaining more traffic from your website.

It benefits you because your audience will view you in a better light because you are affiliated with the leaders and trusted voice in your industry.

Another way that this can work is by interviewing these thought leaders and experts and writing a review of the interview or creating a video of it and posting it to your website.

Your audience will be thrilled to have such high quality content available to them.

The fans of the industry leader will flock to your website to see the video or read the review. Some of them might even becomes fans of your work and website and keep coming back for more amazing content.

This is a simple and powerful way of driving more high-quality traffic to your website.

40 Genius Ways To Increase Your Email Signups
No. 25 Post Useful Content Using Google’s Autosuggestions
Google’s autosuggestion is a powerful tool for finding relevant content to post on your website. It is the section at the bottom of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that is titled “Related Searches.”

It is also the suggestions Google gives you when you start typing something in the search bar.

This is very helpful to generate traffic to your website because it is a way of providing helpful content and driving more quality website traffic to your site. It will help you to create content that is being searched for by potential customers.

Google’s autosuggestion will often include long-tail keywords that can help you rank for these search queries in the SERP as well.

This means that if someone types “help me find _”, Google might give you auto suggestions like “help me with my homework” or “find best pizza places.”

You should take note of those words because they are directly related to what people are looking for and typing into Google right now, which means they could be potential customers!

It is very easy to use Google Autosuggestions in website traffic generation. All you need to do is head over to Google and begin a search. Google will take care of the rest.

No. 26 Build A Community
Letting your website visitors have a feeling of joining a community is a powerful website traffic generation method.

The way this works is by creating a social identity that your website visitors can use to identify themselves a sort of a social group of likeminded individuals.

This sense of comradery and belonging will help to strengthen the bond between your members and increase their loyalty.

This will keep them coming back to your website time and time again because they identify with your culture and part of your core social group.

Creating a feeling of “Us against the world” and “People like us do things like this” is a surefire way of heightening that loyalty they feel.

It is also helpful for having your website visitors feel like they are missing out on being part of a social community or movement that separates them from the average joe and gives them an identity, a badge of inclusion if you might, that sets them apart and makes them feel special.

This strong sense of belonging and identity that you create for your visitors will also serve to increase the likelihood that they will convert and become customers and clients.

When you try to understand this concept think of Apple and the loyalty they have among ‘Apple Loyals’. It goes so far that some people have even described their following as being a cult.

Start building a sense of belonging and community in your website traffic generation strategy to increase loyalty, return visits, and conversions among your website visitors.

No. 27 Analyze Your Content Marketing Strategy
As time goes by and you create more content you will need to analyze the success of your current content marketing strategy.

You will need to pay close attention to the result of your work to identify where your content marketing strategy could improve.

As you analyze your strategy, make changes and your strategy improves you will notice an increase in the amount of traffic your website gets.

There are many ways for you to improve your website traffic generation campaigns once you start to analyze them. You will find pages with an unusually high bounce rate that need fixing, some other pages might be returning a 404 error that needs to be fixed.

Another might have a broken internal link that needs to be edited and updated.

The idea is that these errors, unless they are fixed, can cause a significant decrease in the user experience on your site.

A decrease in user experience, as we already know, results in a decrease in ranking and possible increase in bounce rate.

These are all things that can affect your website traffic.

To analyze your site health you might want to use a tool from Ahrefs or Semrush to test your website health.

email marketing best practices
No. 28 Split Test Your Marketing Campaigns
Split testing your marketing campaigns is an excellent way to increase your website traffic.

In marketing a split test is where you test a new campaign and compare it with the old, or original, one to see which works better.

For example:

You might want to try testing your email marketing campaigns by sending out two different emails for each campaign on the same day.

Send one at 12PM and then send another at 12PM tomorrow so that in 24 hours you can have enough data points about what has been received better by recipients of those emails.

As we know from experience, people are more likely to be reached through an email than any other form of advertising online today when considering website traffic generation methods.

This is because as consumers we ourselves often check our inboxes before anything else first thing in the morning or last thing after work.

A split test can be applied to any marketing campaign and will help you find the combination of headlines, Ad copy, Call To Action, demographics, and other changeable parts of your campaigns that can be optimized.

By split testing your campaigns and optimizing them you will ensure that you are gettign thebest results for your marketing campaigns at all times.

No. 29 Optimize And Improve Old Content
Optimizing and improving old content on your website is a surefire way to increase your website traffic.

The way this works is by finding old content on your website and analyzing it for weaknesses that can be improved.

In one instance new and more recent data might be needed. In another instance you might need to change some of the content to make it a little better.

And yet in some other instances you might find it more profitable to rewrite the entire post altogether and posting it as an updated version.

This helps to get more traffic to your site by updating your old content and making it more relevant to what people are looking for.

For example, if you have a blog post from the year 2011 that is about getting traffic, but in 2014 there has been some new developments on how to get website traffic generated through social media then you should update this article with those newer methods of driving traffic.

This will keep your site fresh and updated so that visitors can always find something good when they come visit your site.

What we would like readers to take away from this as well is the fact that older posts might not be looked at by many because they do not know about them or think they are no longer valid information since it was posted years ago.

However, updating these articles even just slightly helps a ton because they will see that the article might’ve been written seven years ago but was updated as recently as last month or last year.

This lets them know you’re active in creating the best quality content possible and also improving the quality of your website.

No. 30 Use Google My Business
Google My Business is a free and powerful website traffic generation tool by Google.

You can use Google My Business to generate website traffic by optimizing your local business information on Google Maps and by creating a profile for your company.

You can use this tool to build an online presence that is exclusive to your local area, which means you will be able to tell customers where you are located in the world with just one click of a button.

This website traffic generation technique has many benefits including that it helps attract more potential clients locally as well as nationally.

There are many benefits for using Google My Business such as:

Increased local search ranking
Better online visibility
Better local search visibility
Increase traffic to your brick and mortar location
Add social proof about your business in the Google SERPs
Improve your online presence which results in better search visbility and increased website traffic generation
We have prepared a detailed guide to help you learn more about generating traffic with Google My Business and using it to grow your business online.

You can find that article here:

how to do digital marketing for local businesses
No. 31 Use Browser Push Notifications
Browser Push Notifications are a powerful website traffic generation tool that is available to you for free.

A browser push notification is a notification or actionable message that is sent to a user’s device via a browser.

The messages sent using a browser push notification help to re-engage old website visitors and give them a reason to visit the website again.

A browser push notification can help to drive traffic to your website by sending updates, news, and notifications to website

The messages sent using a browser push notification help to re-engage old website visitors and give them a reason to visit the website again.

As such, they can be an effective way of driving traffic back into your site and generating more sales or leads from it.

A browser push notification can help drive traffic by re-engaging old customers who have stopped visiting your site in recent months or years.

This will also encourage these people to come back onto your site, which means that you will get increased time onsite (a metric often used as a ranking factor by Google).

You can get browser push notifications setup on your website by using a tool like One Signal that has a generous free plan.

No. 32 Post Articles To Medium
Medium is a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger where users can find content on many different topics from many different sources.

Medium can be used to post articles from your blog, or you can start a new article on Medium and share it with your followers.

The first step is to create an account at Medium.

Go to the top left corner of the screen where there’s a floating circle in blue that says “New Post” – click this button.

Now just follow their instructions for writing and publishing content. Make sure to go back into Publish Settings after finishing editing your piece so that you can save all of those changes!

Click on ‘Publish Now.’ It will take about 15-20 minutes for the story to appear live online. You should also be able to see how many reads (i.e., page views) it has.

By posting content to Medium and linking back to your website you can generate traffic to your website that would’ve been harder to get by ranking on Google or other popular search engines.

Medium offers massive potential for website traffic generation by allowing your content to be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

An article can get between 500-1000 views in just a few days if it is well written and linked back to the author’s website or blog post.

Medium has an algorithm that will decide which articles are shown at the top of search results based off how many people have read them so far (i.e., pageviews).

The more readers you receive for each article, the higher Medium will rank your story on their site– this means even more traffic!

Conclusion -32 Powerful Website Traffic Generation Techniques You Need To Try
32 Powerful Website Traffic Generation Techniques You Need To Try
There are many different website traffic generation strategies that you can use to drive more traffic to your website, increase the amount of leads you get from your website, and grow your business online.

In this blog post we have looked at just 32 of many of the different ways to get this done.

If you are looking to grow your business online, get more clients or sales from your website, or establish a successfull online presence then please setup free consultation here and a member of our team will get back to you.

If you have any questions or concerns about the topics discussed in this post then feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section and we’ll be sure to help you help you resolve your concern.

We hope you’ve found this post on website traffic generation strategies helpful!

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