Financial literacy resources

Money as You Grow and Money Monsters
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website provides tips and activities to help grow children’s money skills, habits, and attitudes. The website also provides stories introduce children to ideas, habits, and activities they will need to manage money as they grow.

Financial Literacy Resource Directory –

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Best Resources for Improving Financial Literacy

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From books and magazines to podcasts and in-person community events, there’s no shortage of valuable tools that you can use to increase your financial …
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Adult financial education tools and resources

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (.gov)
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We’ve gathered our tools, worksheets, handouts, and audio recordings by topic and by audience. You can use these resources with the people you serve.
‎Justice-involved individuals · ‎Newcomers

10 Tools And Resources For Improving Financial Literacy

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10 Tools and Resources for Improving Financial Literacy · $martPath · Investopedia · The Financial Diet · Albert · National Disability Institute · FINRA · 360 …

Financial Literacy Resource Center

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With this free, educational resource hub from Investopedia, you can break down the jargon and teach financial literacy to the next generation.

Top 5 Tools to Build Your Financial Literacy

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28 Jun 2023 — Websites like Coursera, Khan Academy and Udemy offer courses on various financial topics, including budgeting, investing, debt management and …

Financial Literacy: Free Personal Finance Education …

InCharge Debt Solutions
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Free Personal Finance Materials For At Home, In The Classroom, And Community Workshops. Learn How To Budget, Save, Pay Down Debt And Set Financial Goals.

Financial Literacy Essential Tools and Resources

Indian River State College
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The Center for Financial Literacy provides essential materials to assist students to improve financial decision-making to enable them to achieve long-term …

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Free Financial Literacy Resources: All-ages, Top-rated |NFEC
Free Financial Literacy Resources: All-ages, Top-rated |NFEC

National Financial Educators Council
Free Financial Literacy Resources: All-ages, Top-rated |NFEC
Free Financial Literacy Resources: All-ages, Top-rated |NFEC

National Financial Educators Council
Financial Literacy / Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy / Financial Literacy

Richland County School District One
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Personal finance and financial literacy resources – SFU Library

SFU Library
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7 Nov 2023 — Streaming video courses such as Financial Foundations, Budgeting in Real Life, Financial Wellness: Managing Personal Cash, Personal Finance Tips …
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Financial literacy resources for teachers
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best financial education websites

Financial Literacy Guide for Children: 20+ Resources to …

Columbia Engineering Boot Camps
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Financial Literacy Guide for Children: 20+ Resources to Introduce Money Management · 1. Model Your Own Spending Decisions · 2. Teach Them to Budget Their Own …

Tools for Teaching Financial Literacy | NEA

National Education Association
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21 Jul 2022 — Tools for Teaching Financial Literacy · Banzai · Rich Kid, Smart Kid · Financial Football · Hands-On Banking · Stock Market Game · Spent · More Tools …

Resources for Educators

Finra Foundation
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This online library of financial education resources—for teachers, parents, caregivers and anyone committed to financial smarts for students—is maintained …

Resources for Financial Literacy | Ohio Department of Education

Ohio Department of Education (.gov)
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6 Sept 2023 — Foolproof Education – Foolproof gives middle school and high school students a unique and ethically-driven financial literacy and consumer life …

Financial Literacy – Overview, Benefits, Importance

Corporate Finance Institute
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Fundamental Components of Financial Literacy · 1. Budgeting · 2. Investing · 3. Borrowing · 4. Taxation · 5. Personal Financial Management.

Financial Literacy Resources

Financial Services Institute
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The Centsables Financial Literacy Initiative can help you build a personal relationship with your clients’ children through financial education. This award- …

Financial Education Online Resource

Credit Counselling Society
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Learning about personal financing is crucial, and we are here to help! Our financial education guides you to develop money skills to help you gain financial …

Money Smart – A Financial Education Program

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (.gov)
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25 Oct 2023 — How Money Smart Are You? Learn about everyday financial topics through 14 interactive games and related resources. … Provide youth with a …

Financial Literacy for Students

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EVERFI works with partners to secure funding so that all of our digital financial literacy resources, training, and support are completely free to teachers, …

6 Essential Financial Literacy Resources for Personal …

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25 Dec 2023 — Some of the most important financial literacy resources for personal finance include Khan Academy, Investopedia, and personal finance apps like …

Financial Literacy – Adult Preparation Toolkit

ACT for Youth
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Resources for Young People · This website can help youth and adults learn to manage their money, understand credit, identify scams, and prevent …

Resources for Teaching Financial Literacy | NEA

National Education Association
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Lesson Plans. An Introduction To Saving And Spending (PDF, 48 KB, 3 pgs.) Students in grades K-1 create a simple savings plan. Standards are listed. Published …

Financial Literacy Resources

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
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Financial Literacy Resources. Our free resources are designed to engage while teaching personal finance concepts and skills.

Financial Literacy Resources

Maryland State Department of Education
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Additional Resources to Providing Sound Financial Literacy Decisions · Federal Student Aid · Financial Aid Toolkit · The How-To Guide for High School Students FAF$ …

Financial Literacy Resources | School of Accounting and …

University of Waterloo
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Financial Literacy Resources · Financial Literacy · Taxes · Income Management & Budgeting · Economics · Saving & Investing · Banking & Credit · Accounting.

Financial Education Resources

The Administration for Children and Families (.gov)
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Financial Education Resources: NOTE: Financial education is just one way for AFI grantees to assist participants in obtaining the skills and information …
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Financial Literacy Resources

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Smart Money Management : During this session you’ll learn smart tips for managing your money while in school. You’ll gain confidence in your financial skills …

Financial Literacy Education Resources – NFEC
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9 Jun 2023 — The NFEC Offers a Wide Variety of Resources at Key Touchpoints. Our financial education library includes presentations, curriculum, online …

Financial literacy resources
CPA Canada
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Financial Literacy Resources

Bowling Green State University
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26 Jun 2023 — BGSU has partnered with PNC to provide financial literacy resources and workshops for students. Below you will find a full listing of …

Personal Financial Literacy Resources

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction | (.gov)
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Personal Financial Literacy Resources · President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans · Federal Reserve System – Banks · Financial …

Financial Education: Financial literacy resources for children

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9 Jul 2023 — Financial Education: Financial literacy resources for children · Barclays Life Skills. Barclays has a range of interactive tools, movies, and …

Financial Literacy Resources | New Hampshire Banking …

New Hampshire Banking Department (.gov)
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Links and resources to help you manage your money and better understand financial literacy. The New Hampshire Banking Department has compiled some resources to …

The Best Financial Literacy Tools for Students
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FinAid is a great resource for understanding the true costs of attending college and your options for paying for the education you receive. FinAid provides …

Financial Literacy Resources – Washington, DC

American University
› Financial Aid
From creating a budget to understanding your credit score, there are a lot of components to becoming financially literate. Financial literacy means having an …

Financial Aid – Financial Literacy Resources

Foothill College
› financialaid › financial-literacy
Money Geek-A Financial Literacy Handbook for All Life Stages · Show what you can expect to spend money on based on your age · Provide you with strategies for …

Financial Education Resources for High School
Washington Department of Financial Institutions (.gov)
› financial-education › educators
MoneySKILL educates students of all ages on the basic understanding of money-management fundamentals. The course includes the content areas of income, expenses, …

Financial Literacy Resources – FIU Libraries at Florida …
FIU Libraries
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25 Aug 2023 — More videos on YouTube · 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy. From the American Institute of CPAs – resources on financial literacy. · Personal …

Consumer Financial Education and Resources

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (.gov)
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12 Jan 2023 — Consumer Financial Education and Resources · Budgeting · Credit and Credit Reports · Fraud and Scam Awareness · Housing · Other Loans …

Financial Literacy Resources

California Institute of the Arts
› … › Financial Aid
Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.

Financial Literacy Resources
› Consumer Resources
The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office offers investor education and protection resources. This resource aids consumers in taking steps to avoid investment …

Financial Literacy & Education Resource Center

National Credit Union Administration (.gov)
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7 Sept 2022 — While credit unions serve the needs of their members and promote financial literacy within the communities they serve, the NCUA works to …

Personal Financial Literacy Resource Bank

Colorado Department of Education
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Colorado Academic Standards – Personal Financial Literacy Resource Bank · AmeriTowne. Students participate in 8 lessons about personal finance topics and then …

Financial Literacy Resources for Youth

Money Mentors
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Financial Literacy Resources for Youth · In-school presentations. Our financial literacy presentations provide students from K-12 with money concepts and skills …

Financial Literacy Resources for Educators

Florida Literacy Coalition
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Curriculum · Games and Interactive Activities · Worksheets & Instructional Materials · Lessons and Lesson Plans · Research · Additional Resource Lists, + …

Financial Literacy Resources – Office of Scholarships and …

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
› financial-literacy
CashCourse is an online financial education resource designed specifically for college and university students. The program takes a whole-life approach to …

Financial Literacy for Kids: Lesson Plans for Elementary …

InCharge Debt Solutions
› … › Resources for Teachers
10 Feb 2023 — Financial Literacy for Pre-school, Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade · Lesson One: Making Spending Decisions · Lesson Two: Spending …

Teaching consumer and financial literacy
› teaching › teaching-cons…
The ACARA resources will continue to be released in stages and include work samples, curriculum connections and professional learning opportunities. How to …

Financial Literacy and Resources

University of California, Berkeley
› financial-literacy-an…
UC Berkeley’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office not only connects students with financial aid sources, but helps them learn to use resources wisely.

General – Financial Literacy – Resources at Alberta …
› financialliteracy › gen…
13 Dec 2023 — Get access to educational materials on multiple financial topics that help teach students practical ways to take control of their finances.

Free Financial Education Resources for Everyone

› financial-education › financial-ed…
EVERFI partners with sponsors nationwide to offer interactive, online financial literacy resources to K-12 schools and educators free of charge. Financial …

Financial Literacy: Programming Resources – The NFEC

› financial-lite…
14 Mar 2023 — The NFEC offers turnkey financial literacy training and resources—over eighty financial education assets are available to organizations. You …

Higher Education Financial Education Resources Updates …

U.S. Department of the Treasury (.gov)
› system › files › FL…
Financial Literacy and Education Commission, Best Practices for Financial Literacy and Education at Institutions of Higher. Education (2019),

Youth financial education

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (.gov)
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CFPB’s tools and resources can help you teach financial literacy across the curriculum, even if you’re new to the topic. Teaching and learning strategies.

Financial Literacy Resources

Florida Literacy Coalition
› finlitprogram
The Florida Literacy Coalition offers educators and students access to online resources, webinars, and grants for adult basic education/ESOL classes that seek …

Financial Avenue & Other Financial Literacy Resources

Johnson County Community College
› admissions › financial-literacy-…
Sign up for Financial Avenue to learn the basics of money management through free online courses and check out other financial literacy resources.

Guide to Financial Literacy and Education Resources

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (.gov)
› assets › Employment › f…
The list below are some of the financial wellness resources available. It is not an exhaustive list. Please note that some.

Financial Literacy Resources

The Administration for Children and Families (.gov)
› orr › financial-literacy-reso…
25 Jun 2008 — Financial Literacy Resources … The majority of ORR Individual Development Account Program (IDA) grantees use the following curriculum for their …

Financial Literacy Resources | Learn and Teach Personal …

› … › Financial Literacy
27 Jul 2023 — Online financial literacy resources · Apps · Better Money Habits · CNN Money · EconEdLink · Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free · InCharge …

Free Resources

Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center
› Education
Below you will find free resources that provide financial education and information. Con ‘Em If You Can Interactive, Online Game By Doorways to.

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