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[Question] Best ways to promote channel?
Posted video yesterday and it has gotten 0 views, but I think it’s my best one yet. Was wondering if anyone has tips on how to promote it.

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When you have virtually no following, YouTube will only promote your video if people are actively searching for the content you’re putting out. Work on your title and description. Always be thinking “does this title indicate to a viewer that my video will bring them value?”. Thumbnail is extremely important as well. Whatever message you want to convey to the user (not yet viewer) needs to be understandable in half a second.

Dude this can be a long process…posting on your own Facebook page is a good start, at least your friends may watch it !…then all the other socials you are part of, Twitter, Reddit, IG etc..that should Get a few views at least…find channels on all social similar to you, start to like and comment on their vids, dont direct them straight to your channel…you need to sort of guide people with the wording of your posts….sort of get them intrigued without actually posting a link…make sure on Twitter at least you find and follow everyone that’s even close to your content, then tag them in your posts. Good Luck !

This explains all I wanted to say: Friends, social media and same topic channels.

The thing I would add: collabs! My best video of all (54k views) is the one where many people helped me. The others did the promotion.

They can do organic promotions. Some at a very low price and can help toward getting monetized. I use the talented people on there and find them very helpful. Just search YouTube promotion.




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2 yr. ago
Definitely work on SEO (search engine optimization). It’s confusing to understand at first, but there is a great deal of resources on YouTube. Make sure to find videos that are up to date, because of any changes Youtube has made over last few years. I use a web browser extension called TubeBuddy that helps with finding keywords, and gives you SEO scores. It doesn’t do the work for you, but it’s a good way to guide you though titling your video, writing your description, etc.

If your thumbnail is well made and presents the content of the video also while grabbing the viewers attention, and the title of the video is interesting and relates to the type of content you make and people are searching for, you will get views. But for YouTube to push your videos through the algorithm, you need to make sure your title and your description has enough keywords for YouTube to actually understand what your video is about, and it can put it in front of the right people. Once I started seriously focusing on SEO, my views shot up drastically. I have one sitting at 8.8k right now, when only a few months ago I was struggling to hit 100.

If you have a twitter account (or any other social media) you can promote your channel on there. Become a part of the community that your videos are centred around. You can direct followers to your youtube channel. Reddit is also a good place. There are multiple subreddits that are purely for promoting your channel and videos. Join discord servers that are cool with self promotion. If you’re really desperate print out posters and put them up irl.

There are loads of ways to promote a channel amd theres nothing wrong with doing all of them at the same time. If you feel like your channel deserves nore attention than it gets, then just go for it.

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