Drip email campaigns for e-commerce

Build a Brand Identity—like Pieces. …
Say it with Social Proof—like Sweat by Kayla Itsines. …
Experiment with Incentives—like Kenneth Cole. …
Build Trust with Customer Reviews—like Birchbox. …
Nail Customer Service—like Man Crates. …
Leverage Urgency—like Leesa. …
Make it Personalized—like Patagonia.
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24 Amazing Drip Email Campaign Examples That Actually …

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11 Must-Have E-Commerce Email Marketing Campaigns

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24 May 2022 — 11 Must-Have E-Commerce Email Marketing Campaigns · 11. The Thank You Email · 10. The Survey Email · 9. The Win-Back Email · 8. The Upsell Email.
‎The Welcome Email · ‎The Curation Email · ‎The Referral Email · ‎The Discount Email

10 Best Email Drip Campaign Examples

Constant Contact
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Email drip campaign examples for growing your business · 1. Lead nurturing drip campaigns · 2. Welcome new contacts · 3. Welcome new customers · 4. Engagement · 5.
‎Email drip campaign examples… · ‎Lead nurturing drip campaigns · ‎Abandoned cart

13 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal Today

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Drip campaigns are an effective tool to nurture your subscribers while saving time and money. Check out some of the best drip campaign examples here!
‎What makes a drip campaign… · ‎drip campaign examples to…

Top 10 Types of Drip Campaigns for Ecommerce with Examples

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30 Sept 2022 — Email drip campaigns when done right can increase conversions, welcome prospective customers, and strengthen customer loyalty by engaging …

10 Drip Email Campaign Examples You Should Try in 2023

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14 Sept 2023 — 10 Drip Email Campaign Examples to Inspire Your Strategy · 1. Cart abandonment: Brooklinen · 2. Limited-time offer: Torrid · 3. Order confirmation: …

5 Killer Email Drip Campaign Examples and Best Practices

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3 Aug 2022 — Successful email drip campaigns can lead to huge sales. Check our 7 high-converting email drip campaign examples & best practices.

15 Best Email Drip Campaign Examples (2024)

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21 Jan 2023 — An email drip campaign is a type of automated marketing strategy that sends a series of emails to contacts or subscribers at predetermined times …

Drip: Customer-Centric Marketing Automation Platform


As a customer-centric marketing automation platform, Drip helps brands understand their customers and drive revenue through email, popups, and automation.

How To Plan an Email Drip for Your Small Business

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13 Jun 2023 — Email drip campaigns are a marketing technique used by small and large businesses alike to drive traffic, engagement, and sales. These campaigns …
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5 Essential Drip Campaigns For Retail and E-commerce

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This handbook is for any retail or e-commerce business looking to discover how to make the most of their customer data, improve their practical knowledge on …

The best email drip campaign software in 2024

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29 Nov 2023 — An abandoned cart sequence is another example of a drip email campaign. These leverage the data from your eCommerce shop to understand which …

3 Drip Campaign Emails With An Above 40% Open Rate

HubSpot Blog
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19 Jun 2023 — After a lead submits their email through a form, it’s time to welcome them to the business by sending them content that would interest them. An …

The Use of Email Drip Campaigns in eCommerce

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The best way to create an email drip campaign is to use an email marketing software like Klaviyo. It will help you create a visual flowchart to map out your …

5 Steps to Setting Up Your First Drip Email Campaign

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
› Grow › Marketing
12 Jan 2023 — A drip campaign takes careful prep to set up, but once this automated sequence is running smoothly, it can be an extremely impactful marketing …

Examples of how you can make the most of drip campaigns

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13 Apr 2023 — Ecommerce sites often offer discounts to their new subscribers to encourage a purchase. And this can also be done using a drip campaign. You can …

What is a Drip Marketing Campaign?

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Identify audiences: You can have many different audience segments depending on your business. · Set goals: All digital marketing campaigns need goals to help you …

The Ultimate Guide to Drip Marketing Campaigns for 2023 …

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The most common way to describe drip marketing is that it is a set of marketing emails, automatically sent out on a pre-defined schedule. In other words, it’s …

5 Email Drip Campaigns That Can Help Your Business Grow

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28 Sept 2021 — We receive emails in our inboxes every day. Every now and then, some marketing emails cut through the noise. Email drip campaigns are the …

What is Drip Campaign? Examples, Best Practices, Software

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1 Jan 2024 — A drip campaign is an automated email marketing strategy that sends a sequence of pre-written emails to people who take a specific action on …

Understanding Email Drip Campaigns: The 2024 Ultimate …

Growth Collective
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2 Jan 2024 — Drip marketing allows your business to start building relationships that are critical for success. After all, getting your customer to …

What is Drip Marketing? Guide to Effective Campaigns

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28 Nov 2023 — Your drip marketing strategy is critical to the success of your business. Knowing when and where to launch drip campaigns is as important as …

Want to start setting up drip campaigns?

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Drip campaigns for eCommerce · Cart abandonment · Repeat purchase reminders · Welcome series · upselling/cross-selling · Win-back · Rewards campaign.

Drip marketing: What is it and how is it done?

› Business growth › Marketing tips
8 Sept 2023 — Drip marketing is a strategy that involves sending automated emails to audiences based on either a schedule or certain actions that the user …

Best Email Drip Campaign Examples – SmartMail

› BLOG › Design Examples
12 May 2023 — Discover the best email drip campaign examples for effective marketing. Learn from successful brands and get inspired with actionable ideas …

5 Steps to a Successful Email Drip Campaign

Practical Ecommerce
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14 Feb 2019 — Sometimes referred to as drip or nurture campaigns, automated emails target consumers based on their actions. For example, when customers or …

5 Email Drips Every Online Store Needs

Digital Resource
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Drip emails are among the highest-converting email marketing campaigns. Find out the different types of drip emails you can use to grow your business!

9 Best Drip Email Marketing Software For 2024 [Compared]

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22 Nov 2023 — Moosend — Best overall drip email campaign software. Drip — Best for eCommerce companies. ConvertKit — Best for personalized email campaigns.

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2022 examples of drip campaigns | The EmailOctopus Blog
2022 examples of drip campaigns | The EmailOctopus Blog

Email Marketing Blog | EmailOctopus
The Use of Email Drip Campaigns in eCommerce | Flowium
The Use of Email Drip Campaigns in eCommerce | Flowium

5 Essential Drip Campaigns For Retail and E-commerce | APSIS
5 Essential Drip Campaigns For Retail and E-commerce | APSIS

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10+ Best Email Drip Campaign Marketing Tips …

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Abandoned shopping cart campaigns … An abandoned cart drip campaign can be initiated when a customer leaves items in their cart without completing the purchase.

7 Steps to Create Drip Email Marketing Campaigns That …

LinkedIn · Laura T.
6 reactions · 2 years ago
Drip email marketing is an excellent way to connect and continue a conversation with your target audience when digital connections are …

Drip Email Marketing Review 2024

› drip-email-marketing-review
28 Apr 2023 — Drip is a popular choice for e-commerce marketing growth, segmentation, and automation, allowing e-commerce business owners to scale their …

The Only Email Drip Campaign Guide You Need

› blog › email-drip-campaigns
What are drip marketing campaigns, and why are they important? … An email drip campaign is a marketing strategy that involves sending a series of automated, pre …

Email Drip Campaigns: Strategy, Examples, and Best …

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This drip campaign type is designed to guide a new user through your product or service. For example, if you run an eCommerce business, an onboarding email …

10 Best Email Drip Campaign Examples For Your Business …

› blog › email-drip-campaign-examples
30 Aug 2022 — If you ask me what email marketing can’t do without, I will point to email drip campaigns without hesitation. These chains of email messages …

How Do Email Drip Campaigns Affect Marketing Success? …

› Blog › Digital Marketing
28 Feb 2023 — When email marketers design a series of pre-written automated emails to regulate different campaigns, the result is an email drip campaign.

Email Drip Campaigns: Powering Your Marketing …

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11 Jun 2023 — In the fast-paced world of business, time is a precious resource, and marketers know it better than anyone. Between follow-up calls, …

The What, Why and How of Drip Email Marketing

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6 Mar 2023 — You got it right, drip campaign is the process of sending over promotional piece of data over long periods of time to a subset of sales/ …

E-commerce drip campaigns on LinkedIn

Linked Helper
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17 Oct 2022 — Even though this may not be the first stage of a drip campaign, it is better to create the texts for the message chains in advance. You can use …

8 Best Drip Campaign Examples in 2023

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18 Jan 2023 — An abandoned cart is a nightmare for eCommerce store owners. A drip campaign targeting visitors who abandon their carts is a great way to …
Rating: 2.3 · ‎ 3 votes

What is a Drip Marketing Campaign? Complete Guide to …

› blog › marketing › drip-marketing
15 Dec 2020 — Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time.

10 Ways Contractors Can Use Email Drip Campaigns

Noetic Marketer
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26 Apr 2023 — Drip campaigns can help your business boost sales by turning email subscribers into customers, increasing repeat purchases, and re-engaging a …

What Does a Good E-Commerce Drip Campaign Look Like?

› posts › drip-campaign
24 Apr 2014 — Frequency. With your content all sorted out, your next task actually makes up the “drip” portion of your drip campaign. It’s all about how …

Drip Email Campaigns: A How To For Successful Lead …

› drip-email-campaigns
14 Aug 2020 — A drip email campaign is an automated set of pre-written emails that go out based on a specific timeline or user behaviors. Drip email campaigns …

What Is a Drip Campaign?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
› Grow › Marketing
6 Dec 2022 — A drip campaign is a type of email marketing campaign that uses automated emails sent to someone who took a specific action on your website.

Drip Review 2024: Pricing, Alternatives, Pros and Cons

› guides
25 Jul 2023 — Drip’s visual email automation builder stands as one of the biggest USPs of the email marketing platform, attracting ecommerce brands in …

How Well Do Your Email Drip Campaigns Perform?

SmartBug Media
› blog › how-well-d…
18 Apr 2023 — This drip campaign is one you should consistently have running because these emails have the highest revenue potential. Your customer has …

What is a Drip Campaign? | Done For You Email Marketing

› BLOG › Email Automations
4 May 2023 — By delivering a series of messages over time, drip campaigns can help businesses nurture leads and build relationships with prospects, …

5 Keys to Ecommerce Drip Email Marketing Success – CMDS

› Blog
7 Nov 2017 — Even as we approach 2018, a drip email campaign remains one of the most effective ways for ecommerce brands to build customer loyalty and …

Drip Marketing: What It Is, When to Use It, & Why

› blog › drip-marketing
18 Oct 2022 — Apart from increasing conversions, drip campaigns have numerous other benefits, especially for ecommerce and SaaS businesses. They form an …

The Essential and Complete Guide to Drip Marketing

› blog › drip-email-marketing-c…
22 Feb 2023 — The automated subsequent email messages are the drip campaigns. These are mostly get to hear by different names, such as “automate email …

Importance of Drip Marketing campaign in customer …

Chaskis Digital
› post › importance-of-dri…
As per research conducted by email-marketing firm Emma, running relevant and targeted drip campaigns can generate 18 times more revenue for your business.

7 Best Email Drip Campaign Software

› blog › email-drip-campaign-…
21 Mar 2023 — An email drip campaign, also called a nurture campaign, is a type of email marketing strategy that involves sending a series of automated emails …

Drip Review: Is It The Right Email Marketing Platform For …

Alpha Efficiency.
› drip-review
While it’s specifically tailored for e-commerce marketers aiming to streamline their email marketing campaigns and SMS marketing needs, Drip’s capabilities are …

Top 7 Drip alternatives for email marketing in 2024

› blog › drip-alternatives
24 May 2023 — Drip is a powerful email marketing software solution that aims at helping ecommerce platforms make the most of their contact lists. The tool …

Trigger vs. Drip Email Marketing: What they are and when …

LinkedIn · Kimberly Wolfson
10+ reactions · 7 years ago
Essentially, a drip marketing campaign sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages …

10 Steps to Build your first Email Marketing Automation …

› blog › 10-steps-build-y…
8 Aug 2018 — Drip Campaign is a series of emails set up to achieve a particular goal. This could be sales of your product, imparting knowledge, subscription …

How to Grow Email Marketing to Over $300k

› blog › ecommerce-email-…
Here are the top four email sequences and some strategies and tips on their execution. Automated Drip Campaigns or Flows. Every e-commerce business needs to set …

Start A Drip Email Marketing Campaign For Your Business

YouTube · IgniteVisibility
42.8K+ views · 5 years ago

A drip email marketing campaign can make a major impact on your business. In this video, John Lincoln discusses how to use a drip email …
10 key moments
in this video

The Simple Guide to Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Nutshell CRM
› Blog
No matter your industry or business model, email drip sequences should be a big part of your marketing strategy. Particularly in the digital age we’re living in …

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