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When you buy a YouTube channel the first thing to do is to ask the current primary owner to put you in as the owner of the channel and then replace you as the channel’s primary owner. This request takes 24 hours to be validated due to YouTube policies and only after this time will you actually own the channel.

Buy a YouTube channel – Everything you need to know! – Trustiu

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Is it legal to buy YouTube channels?
Is it OK to buy YouTube channel?
Is it possible to buy monetized YouTube channel?
Can a YouTube channel be sold?

How to Buy a YouTube Channel (Step-by-Step Guide)
YouTube · Kevin – Financial Tutor
1 Feb 2023
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Intro to buying YouTube channels

What to look for when buying YouTube channels

How to avoid getting scammed when buying YouTube channels

What to do after buying a youtube channel

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I Bought a $1,500 Youtube Channel and Earned $__,_
YouTube · JackSucksAtLife
8 Jul 2023

Should I Buy This YouTube Channel?
YouTube · Alan Spicer
25 Aug 2022

How to Sell & Buy YouTube Channel Account Tutorial | Is It …
YouTube · Kevin – Financial Tutor
28 Jul 2020
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How To Buy A YouTube Channel

› Blog › Buying
3 Oct 2022 — The short answer is yes. You can legally buy YouTube channels and find specific sites to buy and sell YouTube channels (like Flippa). Why buy a …

3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels (Monetized and …

The Daily Iowan
› 2022/11/11 › buy-youtube-…
11 Nov 2022 — 1. Fameswap … Fameswap is a platform that provides a marketplace for buying and selling YouTube channels. They make it easy for anyone looking …

Top 3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels (Real and …

Monterey Herald
› 2023/09/29 › bu…
29 Sept 2023 — ACC Market, a premier online marketplace for buying YouTube channels, is renowned as the best place to buy YouTube channels. It offers …

6 Best Sites To Buy Monetized YouTube Channels Cheap

Outlook India
› business-spotlight
4 Mar 2023 — 6 Best Sites to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels Cheap · 1. UseViral · 2. SidesMedia · 3. Eazy Viral · 4. AudienceGain · 5. Fameswap · 6. EazySMM.

Youtube Channels for Sale

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Buy Active Youtube channels with subscribers and established audience. ; buy youtube channel **(Monetized), 1k ; buy youtube channel ****T TV, 10.5k ; buy …

An Ultimate Guide For Buying A YouTube Channel

Social Tradia
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7 Jul 2023 — The answer to this question is yes! Buying a YouTube channel is entirely legal, and people have been doing this for years without any problems …

Buy YouTube Channel with Monetization – Safe Method

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Yes, purchasing a YouTube channel is legal and does not go against YouTube’s Terms of Service. There are also many cased of very popular YouTube channels that …
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3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels (Monetized and …

Santa Cruz Sentinel
› 2023/12/18 › b…
18 Dec 2023 — Buying a YouTube channel is absolutely legal, as there is nothing in YouTube’s Terms and Conditions that prohibits the sale or purchase of …

Buying a YouTube channel, need some guidance.

Reddit · r/NewTubers
20+ comments · 3 months ago
So I’m buying this YouTube channel from accs-market. The seller has a verified profile on accs-market as well as having good reviews.
Buying a monetized YouTube channel : r/NewTubers – Reddit
27 Sept 2021
Buying a pre-monetised channel. : r/NewTubers – Reddit
20 May 2023
Is it worth to buy YouTube Channel and change its niche?
9 Jul 2022
Is selling your channel against YouTubes ToS? – Reddit
3 Jun 2022
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YouTube Channels for Sale | Monetized and Aged Accounts

› youtube
Is it legal to buy YouTube channel? “Yes!” A YouTube account for sale is perfectly legal. Purchases and sales have been going on worldwide for quite some time …

10 Best Sites To Buy Monetized YouTube Channels (Safe)

Punch Newspapers
› 10-best-sites-to-buy-monetized…
19 Sept 2023 — stands as another great online hub for all things YouTube channels. Whether you’re in search of secure monetized …

Youtube Channels for sale

› buy-youtube-channel
Once you’ve decided on the type of channel you want to buy and the budget you want to spend, the process is simple. Thanks to the filters that you can find on …

Can You Buy A YouTube Channel?

Ignite Marketing
› buy-a-youtube-channel
Yes, you can buy a YouTube channel. It’s completely legal to do so, and there are many websites where you can find YouTube channels for sale. To learn the do’s …

Can You Buy a YouTube Channel? (Complete Explanation)

› blog › can-you-buy-a-yout…
13 Feb 2022 — You can buy a YouTube channel. Doing so is not against the YouTube Terms of Service. Many businesses that get sold, for example, have a YouTube …

How can I buy an old-dated YouTube channel?

› How-can-I-buy-an-old-dated-…
19 Sept 2023 — – Thoroughly investigate the YouTube channel you’re interested in buying. Check the channel’s content, subscriber count, views, and engagement …
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427 votes:
YouTuber : Internet defines this word as someone who a decent amount of followers on his/her …

Youtube Channels for Sale | Buy & Sell Youtube Channel is a unique service that allows you to securely make deals between sellers and buyers of social media accounts. If you’re a buyer, we’ll …

Buy Monetized Youtube Channels & Accounts 2024

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Buying monetized YouTube channel now to earn money on YouTube instantly. All videos are original, no copyright or community strikes.
Rating: 5 · ‎ 17 votes · ‎ US$199.00 to US$1,599.00

The Pros and Cons of Buying a YouTube Channel

Medium · MarvinOlson
3 months ago

  1. Lack of Creative Control: When you buy a YouTube channel, you might have limited creative control over the existing content. If the audience …

Buying a Youtube Channel – The Complete Guide to Grabbing …
› Blog
26 Dec 2022 — Note Down Your Budget. · Find Your Platforms · Look For Your Niche · Traffic Analysis · Monetization Check · Content check · SEO Check · Overall …

Channel memberships

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Pick a level and confirm your membership. Review the perks and benefits offered and choose what’s best for you. Then press ‘Buy’.

Should You Buy a YouTube Channel with 100k …

Jeffbullas’s Blog
› Blog
20 Apr 2023 — Essentially, buying a channel involves acquiring ownership of an existing YouTube account, along with its subscriber base and video content.

Can I buy a monetized YouTube channel? Will it be worth it?

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29 Aug 2022 — Technically, it’s possible for someone to sell their YouTube channel, and there’s a market for such transactions. However, buying or selling …
21 answers


7 votes:
Yeah, you can buy a monetized channel. It’s like a shortcut. But don’t forget to keep it …

Fameswap: Buy TikTok Accounts, Youtube Channels …


Top marketplace to buy and sell theme pages like youtube channels, tiktok accounts and other social media business pages.

YouTube Accounts for Sale – Buy Sell YouTube Channels

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7 days ago — How does middleman services work to secure youtube account transactions?

Buy Monetized YouTube Channels Cheap: 10 Best Sites in …

› Social Media › YouTube
SidesMedia is another top place to buy YouTube accounts! You can find everything you need on their website, including old and new channels that are available …

Can You Buy A Youtube Channel?

› EazyViral Blog
21 Jan 2021 — Well, the answer is yes, it’s totally legitimate. With the tremendous growth of Youtube and its network, you can now buy monetized Youtube …

The Pros and Cons of Buying a YouTube Channel

Medium · David R
3 months ago
Jumpstart Your Presence: Acquiring an existing YouTube channel provides you with an instant audience. You can skip the initial struggles of …

5 Compelling Reasons Why Buying a Monetized YouTube …

Medium · Sadif ALAA
5 months ago
Immediate Revenue Stream: When you purchase a monetized YouTube channel, you gain access to an established audience and content library, which …

Achieve Financial Freedom by Buying and 10xing a …

Empire Flippers
› Blog › Buy Websites
20 Apr 2022 — Yes, You CAN Buy a YouTube Channel · Residual income from existing videos · Affiliate revenue from links in the video descriptions (this is …

How Buying YouTube Subscribers Can Damage Your …

LinkedIn · Tasty Edits
3 reactions · 3 months ago
However, despite the massive potential of branded video content on YouTube, it can be difficult to get a channel off the ground. Even if you …

How To Sell A YouTube Channel [In 6 Easy Steps]

› Blog › Selling
3 Oct 2022 — Yes, just like any other business model or digital asset, you can buy and sell YouTube accounts. It’s legal to sell or buy an account, and …

5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Views (Real & Cheap)

› 2023/11/27 › buy-…
27 Nov 2023 — Sponsored Content |. 5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Views (Real & Cheap) · 1. UseViral · 2. SidesMedia · 3. Growthoid · 4. Twesocial · 5. Followersup · 6 …

Buying monetized YouTube channels is not that hard

› buy-a-youtube-channel
24 Apr 2021 — There are several benefits if you buy a monetized YouTube channel. · YouTube Multi Channel Network · Saving the cost of time when building a …

10 Best Websites To Buy YouTube Channels (2024)

› blog › buy-youtube-channel
1 Jun 2023 — Yes. It’s safe to buy monetized YouTube channels, providing you verify the legitimacy of the YouTube channels and buy through a reputable …

Should You Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel?

YouTube · Jon Corres
32.6K+ views · 1 year ago

Comments54. Fatma Özkaya. How about just buying a channel from viral npc and call it a day … Should You Post Shorts And Long Form Content On The …


› youtube
2 Dec 2023 — If you want to get more engagement on your YouTube channel, buying YouTube subscribers for cheap is the way to go. With TokUpgrade, you can buy …

What to do AFTER you buy a MONETIZED youtube channel!

19.9K+ views · 2 years ago

… be showing the monetization aspect as well. Monetizing Youtube channels and Monetizing Facebooks will also be apart of the Content library.

Buying a monetized YouTube Channel? Working 100%

› … › YouTube
25 Aug 2023 — If you’re thinking about buying watch hours to make money from your channel, it’s somewhat risky and might not work out well. It’s better to …

Buy Monetized YouTube Channel For Sale

› buy-monetized-youtube-acc…
With all the experiences, dedication and professionalism, AudienceGain confidently gives Content Creators the best solution to make money on Video Monetization …

Get started with Shopping on YouTube

Google Help
› youtube › answer
Promote your own products · In your channel’s store · As products in video description · In a product shelf below your content · With the Shopping button on your …

Buy & Sell YouTube Channels

› social-media › buy-sell-youtube-c…
… buy a YouTube Channel and start earning, then start browsing our YouTube section … premium , us , no-content. 69, 2072, January 3, 2024. [$1200] Verified …

3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views for Growing Your …

The Vacaville Reporter
› 2023/10/09 › buy-yo…
9 Oct 2023 — Yes – buying YouTube views can significantly boost your chances of becoming a YouTube Partner. When you get more views, it increases your …

buy youtube channel

› tags › buy-youtube-chan…
Channel link: After the purchase, we will relink all the data to you. The channel will be completely yours (+ …

4 Best Places Buy YouTube Channels (Monetized & Aged …

Quantum Marketer
› … › YouTube
Don’t worry – buying and selling a YouTube channel is legal, and people have actually been doing it for quite a while now. In fact, there are quite a few …

5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Views in 2024 (Real & Cheap)

Jeffbullas’s Blog
› Blog
12 Dec 2023 — Buying YouTube views can accelerate the growth of your channel, but you also need to follow organic best practices too. Viewers are worthless if …

How To Buy A YouTube Channel? | Blog Waves
› news › how-to-buy-a-youtu…
15 Oct 2021 — By buying a YouTube Channel with already posted content, you could earn a residual income from the past posted videos. Usually, the Channels …

Buying A YouTube Channel (Complete Step-by- …

Career Gamers
› the-ultimate-guide-to-buy…
Is it legal to buy YouTube Channels? … Yes! Buying a YouTube channel is entirely legal! A YouTube account is the digital property of the account’s user. The …

Can You Buy A YouTube Channel? Top 4 Websites …

› YouTube
The answer is yes to the question “Can you buy a monetized youtube channel“. You may find specific websites to buy and sell YouTube channels (like Mid-Man) and …

I Bought FAKE Youtube Views in 2023 (Experiment)

14.1K+ views · 5 months ago

Don’t do this. Once you apply for monetization they will ban you. And you cannot make a new channel as the same person.

5 key moments
in this video

How to Buy YouTube Views: 3 Best and Reliable Sites

Daily Democrat
› 2023/10/09 › buy-…
9 Oct 2023 — Content Quality Still Matters: You can’t build a successful YouTube channel on paid views alone. Viewers will only stick around if your content …

Top 6 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers (Real & …

Chico Enterprise-Record
› 2023/11/30 › buy-youtub…
30 Nov 2023 — Before making any purchase, clarify why you want more subscribers. Are you trying to reach monetization thresholds, enhance your channel’s …

5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Views in 2024 (Real & Cheap)

Startup Info
› buy-youtube-views
7 days ago — Yes, it’s safe to buy Youtube views. You can safely purchase views for your videos. It’s 100% safe for your Youtube account and channel, so you …

Buy products on YouTube – Video

Google Help
› youtube › answer › co=YO…
You can then select the item again to go to the channel’s official store and buy an item. Browse & buy products from Creators. If you’re in one of the available …

I Bought 5 Million YouTube Views… Here’s what happened.

YouTube · Marcus Jones
1.3M+ views · 3 months ago

Buying views outside YouTube, Google and face book, buying views is what is happening with all these “Invalid Views” epidemic on YouTube.

Buy YouTube Subscribers – 100% Real, Safe & Active from …

› buy-youtube-subscribers
Buy subscribers as well as views, likes, comments, and more to build a foundation of engagement that will help YouTube’s algorithm spread your content to a …
Rating: 4.8 · ‎ 31 reviews · ‎ US$0.50 to US$10.00

Buy YouTube Views From $6 | 100% Safe

Media Mister
› buy-youtube-views
Buying views can also be great for convincing more people to check out your YouTube account and subscribe. Views are an important indicator of Credibility, …
Rating: 4.9 · ‎ 146 reviews · ‎ US$13.00 to US$2,165.00
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