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Automatic gaming news website ready monetized

Automatic gaming news website

 This package is an Automatic gaming news website which will be monetized with adsterra ads on blogger or wordpress and autoposting the news in the gaming Niche industry on a daily basis and earning at the rate of $0.03 per click from the website traffic coming in and You are Guaranteed of fulltime support anytime.

The autoblog is monetized using adsterra and this helps you earn online from the traffic received to the autopilot trending Gaming industry news content coming in website on blogger or wordpress. Adsterra pays at the rate of $0.03 per click depending from the country which traffic comes from and it offers a number of payment methods which are mainly,Bitcoin, PayPal (Hyperwallet*), Tether (ERC20 and TRC20), Wire transfer, WebMoney and Paxum.

Benefits and What You will Receive:

  • An Automatic gaming news for gamers website platform and monetized for you.
  • Login details to google gmail account where the site is hosted.
  • Logins to Adsterra account where to monitor income generated by the autopilot website.
  • Free hosting and domain for the blogger package unless you have chosen the wordpress hosting package and you have your own hosting and domain.
  • You will receive a fully designed site including Logo.
  • You will receive Fulltime Support Right here.


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