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Automatic blogger blog monetization success stories for 2024

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48 Stories & Case Studies of Successful Bloggers [2024]

Starter Story
› ideas › success-stories
19 Nov 2023 — Starting with a general niche blog, they embraced multi-niche content and monetized through ad networks, affiliate marketing, and sponsored …
‎Let’s Reach Success ($60K/year) · ‎Mommy On Purpose ($120K…
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How do I monetize my blog in 2023?
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From Passion to Profit: Mastering the Art of Earning Online …

LinkedIn · Sahea Dul Bashar
6 reactions · 3 weeks ago
Each success story underscores the power of defining a niche, creating valuable content, and embracing innovation in monetization strategies.

How to earn passive income from a blog: a step …

Productive Blogging
› how-to-earn-p…
13 Dec 2023 — How do blogs create passive income? There are 3 main ways to earn money passively from a blog: ads, affiliate links and digital products. There …

How to Monetize a Blog Easily in 2024 (9 Tried & Tested …

Samantha North
› how-to-monetize-a-blog
14 Nov 2022 — Wondering how to monetize a blog in 2023? Here are 9 tried and tested methods to help you easily turn your passion into a profitable …

Making Money From Blogging With Health Blogger, Nelly …

Digital Nomad Wannabe
› making-mo…
28 May 2023 — Learn how to make money from blogging from successful health blogger, Nelly Darbois, and be inspired in this interview.

How To Start a History Blog That Makes Money In 2024

Authority Hacker
› how-to-start-histo…
5 days ago — Starting a history blog provides a great opportunity to share your knowledge, grow a following, and earn some cash.

Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics and Facts (Updated for …

› blogging-statistics
5 Jan 2024 — We hope these blogging stats give you some insight and help you make healthy decisions for your blog’s future.

Does anyone has a successful blog on Blogspot, which is …

› Does-anyone-has-a-successful…
3 Feb 2023 — that many bloggers have successfully monetized their Blogspot blogs using Google AdSense. Here’s how it generally works: 1.
2 answers


430 votes:
Hello!! They’re nice to meet you. There are No Criteria is available from the End of google. …

Your Complete Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog in 2024

Mostly Morgan
› starting-a-blog
14 Oct 2023 — If starting a blog is something that you’ve always wanted to do, then check out this guide for step by step instructions!

Any success stories of writing blogs and adding affiliate …

Reddit · r/sidehustle
3 comments · 10 months ago
Hi all – Does anyone have experience creating blogs and monetizing it through affiliate marketing and ads? Archived post.
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89 Blog Monetization Strategies: The Ultimate List (2024)

Master Blogging
› make-money-blogging
24 Sept 2023 — I have here a list of 89 proven ways to monetize a blog regardless of niche. Looking for a specific strategy to make money as a blogger? Don’t …

How To Start a Blog in 2024 and Grow Your Audience

› blog › how-to-start-a-blog
12 Jun 2023 — But if you’re thinking about creative ways to make money as a blogger, you’ll need to be strategic about how you set your blog up for success.

15 Best AdSense Niches for Publishers in 2024

› blog › best-adsense-niches
26 Dec 2023 — While Google AdSense remains one of the best ways for digital publishers to monetize their content, maximizing that revenue isn’t always …

Kickstart Your Lifestyle Blog and Make Money: A 2024 Guide

Bootstrapped Ventures
› how-to-start-a-lifestyl…
16 Nov 2023 — Readers uncover aspects of the blogger’s life, finding inspiration and garnering useful tips from the blogger’s shared tales. Successful …

How to Make Money Blogging: Your FREE Guide for 2024

Smart Blogger
› blog
4 Jan 2024 — A monetization methodology proven by our success with Smart Blogger … Your success story with a blog that made its first affiliate sales in …

10 Ways to Make Money From Your Food Blog in 2024

› Blog › Blogging
4 days ago — Discover how to monetize your food blog and turn your passion into profit. Learn how to generate income and build a successful food blogging …

How to Start a Blog (and Make Money) in 2024

› Blog
4 Jan 2024 — 20+ Blog Examples (Case Studies of Successful Blogs). Want my Free Course … 21 Best Blogging Books for Every Blogger to Read This Year · 50+ …

10 Types of Blogs That Make Money In 2024 (with Examples)

Authority Hacker
› blogs-that-make-…
4 days ago — Those “success stories” are the people who’ve found profitable blog niches and monetized them effectively. With that in mind, in this …
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How much does it REALLY cost to start a blog in 2024?

Productive Blogging
› … › Start a Blog
13 Dec 2023 — Free blogs typically grow much more slowly; You are less invested in a free blog because you haven’t spent any money – if you have some ‘skin in …

Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2024

› Blog
4 days ago — With that comes an increase in affiliate blog posts. If you are an affiliate program manager or an affiliate looking for information and want to …

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2024

The Minimalists
› blog
9 Dec 2023 — We get weekly emails asking us how to start a blog. Here is our simple, step-by-step process for learning how to become a blogger.
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Has anyone monetized their blog using Blogger?

› Has-anyone-monetized-their-…
20 Jun 2018 — Blogger became very popular because a lot of people realized that it can be automated. Blogger is, if you don’t know, the free blogging platform …
16 answers


278 votes:
Blogger is not the best platform monetize any blog. You can connect adsense to any blog but …

How to Monetize a Blog: 9 Methods for 2023

The Freelance Hustle
› how-to-monetize-a-b…
16 Feb 2023 — In most cases, the companies like WordPress or Blogger will put ads … How to Become a Freelance Blogger in 2024. Similar Posts. How to Start …

Starting a blog as a side hustle? Any success stories?

Reddit · r/sidehustle
50+ comments · 7 months ago
For a blog to be succesful as a side hustle you need to have an idea about monetisation. A blog doesn’t make money just by itself, you have to …

How to Make Money with a Travel Website in 2024?

WP Travel
› Blog
Do you want to know how to make money from travel blogs in 2024? If you’re ready to take your travel blog to the next level and monetize your content, you’ve …

How to Start a Travel Blog For Beginners in 2024 (Step-By- …

Medium · Mian Bilal 🚀 Digital Dynamo
1 month ago
With over 500 million blogs on the internet, standing out can be overwhelming as a beginner blogger. But don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll …

6 Powerful Approaches to Successful Blog Monetizing

› … › Blog › Affiliate Marketing
3 Oct 2023 — To start earning money from web content like affiliate marketing blogs, choosing the right niche and growing your audience is absolutely …

How to Start a Blog That Makes You Money

Neil Patel
› how-to-start-a-blog
Want to start blogging? Here’s a step-by-step guide from picking a domain name to setting up your blog, creating content, and monetizing it.

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog From Scratch in 2024

Never Ending Footsteps
› how-to-start…
Bloggers didn’t publish helpful guides; they wrote chronologically about their travel experiences, focusing on telling stories and offering their opinions of a …

How To Start a Blog in 2024 / How I make over … – YouTube

YouTube · Katie Grazer
26.1K+ views · 1 month ago

7 BEST Tips For Your First Year of Blogging | Blogging Advice from a 7-Figure Blogger … How Blogging Changed My Life ❘ Blogging Success Story.

7 key moments
in this video
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How to make money with Mediavine ads [2024]

Productive Blogging
› make-money-…
4 days ago — Want to make a really great passive income from your blog? Then join Mediavine! In this article I share exactly how to make money with …

Earn Money with AI Blogs: Simple Strategies for Success

LinkedIn · Sharjeel Naseem
1 month ago
… blogs, exploring the art of monetizing blogs through automated content creation … Artificial Intelligence for Blog Monetization. Artificial …

How to Use Pinterest for Blogging in 2024

Social Champ
› blog › how-to-use-pinte…
28 Dec 2023 — Want to learn how to use Pinterest for blogging in 2024? Discover actionable tips to boost your blogging success on this visually appealing …

How To Start A Blog In 2024 And Make Money Blogging (5 …

› how-to-start-a-blog
Using analytics tools is vital for blog monetization and marketing of any kind. … Blogs Healthy and Successful. Tips on keeping your blogs healthy and alive.
Rating: 4.9 · ‎ 387 votes

How to Start a Blog in 2024 – Easy Guide to Create a Blog for …

The Blog Starter

To be successful as a blogger there is really just one requirement: a passion for your topic. At its heart, blogging is about sharing your knowledge with the …

How to Monetize Instagram and Boost Sales in 2024

› blog › how-to-monetize-insta…
5 Jan 2024 — Knowing your audience is key to successful Instagram monetization. … Leverage Instagram Stories and Reels: Use Stories for more casual, behind …

30 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with …

› Beginners Guide
2 Jan 2024 — Table of Contents · Monetize Your Blog Content · Create a Paid Membership Website · Create a Directory Website With WordPress · Sell Digital …

How to Monetize a Blog – 6 Ways That Work

› blog › how-to-monetize-blog
21 Sept 2022 — How much money do bloggers make? Of course, a blogger’s income depends on the success of their blog. For example, Ryan Robinson, who writes a …

How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2024

› advisor › business › start-a…
31 Jul 2023 — Some of the earliest blogs were used as a way to chronicle someone’s personal viewpoints and experiences. Blogging has since evolved to become …
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How to Start a Travel Blog in 2024 | Step-by-Step Guide

The Wanderlover
› Blog › Entrepreneurship
Interested in becoming a travel blogger? Want to make money writing and sharing about your travels? You’ve heard of this “making passive income from your …

How to Start a Book Blog From Scratch in 2023

› tutorials › how-to-start-…
21 Aug 2023 — … monetize your blog and share some characteristics of already successful book blogs. … blog posts, and reviews of published books or Advanced …

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Blog (Step by Step Tutorial)

YouTube · Santrel Media
196K+ views · 1 year ago

START HERE: (save 10% with code SANTREL) In this video, I will show you how to make an affiliate …
10 key moments
in this video

8 Ways to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

› Home › Web Hosting
It’s not merely going on trips and sharing pictures online. It’s a business with its own do’s and don’ts – plus marketing and monetization channels. What Makes …

How to Start a Travel Blog in 2024

› tutorials › how-to-start-…
Thus, offering monetization tips will help your blog … For instance, a successful travel blogger like Nomadic Matt earns a seven-figure income annually.

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2024 (14 Proven …

› how-to-make-money-on…
… blog, and host ads on your blog that make you money? It sounds bizarre, but that’s the way most successful creators’ journeys go. How much money you can …

How to Start a Blog and Make Money (In 2024)

Blogging Explorer
› Blog
29 Nov 2023 — Lifestyle blogs can become incredibly successful in terms of attracting readers and making money by blogging if done correctly. If this is is …

How to Make Money Blogging [Updated Guide 2024]

› blog › make-money-blogging
Now let’s delve deeper into each individual tactic to cash out on your blogging business! 1. Join Affiliate Marketing Programs. As a blogger, your say is …

7 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog in 2024

› blog › monetize-wordp…
22 Dec 2023 — Influencer blogging: When you start getting recognized as a blogger … Then you could also lean on the experience you have building a successful …

The Complete Guide To Starting A Profitable Blog In 2024

Joanna Rahier |
› start-a-blog
Blogging is the cheapest business to start in 2024 – As a blogger, the only … Affiliate marketing is my favorite form of blog monetization – it’s the most …

How To Get Paid for Blogging in 2024 (With FAQs and Tips)

› Career Guide › Pay & salary
13 Dec 2023 — Learn about blogging methods, types of blogs and how you can steadily grow your blog from no or little income into a lucrative business as a …

How To Success In Auto Blogging?

› Blog
Auto blogging is a process of creating automated blogs with the help of software and content curating tools. There are various ways to auto blog for a blogger …
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How to grow blog traffic: the ultimate guide for 2024

› Blogging
77% of people habitually read blogs online. It usually takes successful bloggers 4 hours to compose a single post. On a daily basis, about 7 million blog posts …

Success Stories

› blog › stories
… Blogging Game. Tanya Tailor shared the strategies she used to grow and monetize her Travels & Treasures blog with the help of Travelpayouts and AI assistants.

How to Make Money on Medium Website (Updated for 2024)

Self Made Millennials
› how-to-make-mone…
6 Nov 2023 — I’ve grown my blog to 13,000+ subscribers on Medium in the past three years. … I write success stories mentioning my ebooks; I share how-to …

How To Start A Blog In 2024: An Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

Margaret Bourne
› start-a-blog
2 Jan 2024 — She helps aspiring bloggers transform their blogs into successful online businesses. … blogging tips but also inspirational lifestyle stories …

How I Monetized A Technology Blog And Turned It Into …

Blog Marketing Academy
› six-figure-t…
That to make any money you have to be talking about making money? Or weight loss? I’ve talked about my history as a tech blogger before in various places, but …

6 Tips to Help Monetize Your Blog in 2024

› en-gb › resources › how-t…
Launch an affiliate marketing program. One common way to generate income with blogs is by launching affiliate programs. For example, if you have a design blog, …

Blogging for Beginners: How to Start a Blog 2024

› tutorials › how-to-star…
Setting up a blog is easy and quick with Blogger. While it doesn’t have as … blog toward success. Here are some ways to set effective goals for your blog …

How To Start a Travel Blog In 2024

› blog › how-to-start-a-travel-blog
1 Nov 2023 — While travel blogging is one of the most popular types of blogs, rest assured, you have not missed the boat (or plane) on your chance to …

How to Monetize a Blog With Affiliate Marketing

› blog › how-to-monetize-a-blog…
28 Mar 2020 — Blogs with relatable, quality content attract a loyal following, and since they benefit from the content you provide, over time, they grow to …
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