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affiliate marketing success stories and examples

Affiliate Marketing Success Stories That Inspire to Earn Money
Success stories that will truly inspire you to try out affiliate marketing. What defines success and how you can start making money from their experience?

We all know this feeling of fear before starting anything. Every rookie affiliate before starting skeptically asks the question: “Is it even possible to make money with affiliate marketing?”. Short answer – yes, we will analyze it in more detail in the article. Several affiliate marketing success stories will show and help you to start earning money and build up new income.

Let’s dive in!

What is the success rate of affiliate marketers
There is no exact percentage or figure, it may take a few years for the gem to become solid. For example, there are no exact statistics for the affiliate conversion rate, but according to some data, the affiliate conversion rate varies from 4% to 17%.

It all depends on your ambitions and desire to develop in this area. As usually happens, from 90% to 95% of newcomers fail and leave the sphere after the first unsuccessful campaign.

It is difficult to give an exact figure of success because as a niche affiliate marketing is still growing and developing. Looking at Google Trends data for the key query “affiliate marketing”, we will see rapid growth of requests over the past six years, to be more precise, interest in affiliate marketing increased by more than 300% in the period from 2017 to 2021, this is often associated with the growth of the e-commerce sector (rapid pace of Amazon for example) and media attention.

All these years physical stores have been looking for a way to sell their products online. To date, more than 25% of brands use bloggers in their affiliate marketing campaigns. Of the respondents surveyed, more than 80% launched an affiliate marketing program to improve website traffic and increase sales. In addition, more than 80% of advertisers allocate about 10% of their marketing budget to affiliate marketing, it’s more efficient and lets off the money bags questions!

The best thing is that creating an affiliate marketing program can lead to increased brand awareness, improved lead generation, and increased sales without huge advertising costs. However, a successful affiliate marketing program depends on several factors, which include choosing the best brand partners who are in the same niche or target the same consumer profile!

Based on this, we can safely say that affiliate marketing provides good opportunities for earnings. There is demand and there is supply. The main thing for us is to stick to the plan and follow successful business models that can bring money, then our success rate may be close to 100%!

How hard is it to be successful in affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a simple business model that has been around for a long time. Previously, like 20 years back, when there was no Internet or mobile phones, there were sales representatives who represented several different companies or products. Perhaps once you heard a knock on your door, and there was a person behind it offering to buy you a product to facilitate your daily life, and if you bought something, he received a commission or money checks. The Internet has only simplified and scaled this process. Now a sales representative is an affiliate marketer who provides information and recommendations to make life easier for the buyer and the business.

It’s indeed a simple business, but do not confuse simple with easy. The concept of affiliate marketing itself is simple and we can see a lot of success stories, but in reality, the model “promote other people’s products using a website or your blog and get a commission from each sale” turns out to be quite difficult for many. If we turn to statistics again, according to the data, the total cost of affiliate marketing in the United States will increase to $ 8.2 billion by 2022, but only 10% of partners are responsible for 90% of all clicks and conversions.

There is a huge gap between successful partners and all those who want to become a partner, waiting only to get their first affiliate sale.

Why is this area an impenetrable wall for some, while others earn large monthly commissions, which continue to grow over time for many years building unprecedented income?

Most often the obstacles are:

Spread across niches or incorrect location in a niche
You or your marketing campaign don’t provide enough added value to differentiate yourself
Confusion or not understanding your job versus that of the seller you’re promoting
You’re violating the Federal Trade Commission (American GEOs)
Promoting the wrong affiliate programs that may cause harm to privacy and money for your clients
Lack of education and understanding of how marketing works
Trying to afoul TOO MANY options
Struggling to find a niche? We will help you!

Success stories from the world of affiliate marketing
The easiest way to learn from the experience of those who have succeeded in the business. Each success story carries invaluable experience, tips, and parting words that will help you succeed and increase your chance of success several times. We have selected for you the best stories in which people share their path in affiliate marketing and years of experience. Different projects have different goals, but they are united by the fact that affiliate marketing has changed their lives, allowing them to earn a decent living.

Success story that inspires: My Affiliate Marketing Business Earns $500K/Year Profit [No Employees] – Spencer Mecham, Founder of Buildapreneur
Spencer Mecham started his journey a few years back in 2016, at that time he worked at a digital marketing agency, where a colleague showed him a way to monetize content using affiliate programs. There was an idea – why not try it? He spent almost two years preparing to launch a blog about the stock market, engaged in web design and development, and created dozens of backlinks.

And what do you think? – In the first two years, none of this gave results. Then an attempt to poke Instagram – unsuccessfully.

As often happens, success comes with 99% hard work and dedication and 1% luck. Thanks to countless attempts, luck turned its attention to Spencer Mecham.

“One day I decided to create some videos about my Instagram page. After creating the videos, I posted them on YouTube and added links to them from Instagram. Unbeknownst to me, one of these videos appeared on YouTube and gained hundreds of thousands of views.”

The more you expose yourself or your content to the public, the more chance you have of being noticed.

In 2018, thanks to a video about his real estate portfolio, in which he mentioned the company he uses to search for deals, Spencer Mecham received an offer and the first check for $ 2,000. He found a money tree and started to see potential income coming toward him.

He quickly switched to YouTube, and from that moment on it became his main source of affiliate income. At the moment, Spencer’s turnover has grown significantly, amounting to 500 thousand dollars a year!

Success story that inspires: How I Started A $500K/Month Website About Online Casinos – Jan Kovac, Founder of Casino Guru
The Jan Kovac Casino Guru project is a website that provides information related to online casinos. The business model on which the site is built in SEO optimization as a source of traffic. People are looking to get the information they need on the website and follow the affiliate link to the online casino. According to the recommendation of Casino Guru, the website is free to use.

The company generates about 500 thousand dollars of income per month and has more than 50 full-time employees! And also the company ranks 3rd in the world in this segment and is aiming for the best! Casino Guru has a few big affiliate marketing offers with top casinos.

The secret of Casino Guru’s success is that they have created a system that models all relationships and information about online casinos in the form of structured data.

“As an example: almost every online casino has a list of countries whose residents it does not allow to play. To collect this information, we created a database table casino_restricted_country and filled it with 1 entry for each casino and each country that is in its limited list. This has helped us to separate the information itself from how it is displayed on our website to our visitors. As a result, we have shown great flexibility and agility in changing the appearance and operation of our website. Most of the changes are software changes, no data changes. If we had chosen an HTML-based system for each page, such as WordPress, we would have been much less flexible.”


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