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Adsterra ad targeting strategies for publishers

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Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Publishers

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31 Oct 2023 — 2. Place ads on your blog posts or website … You have enough room to advertise in every blog post. Place one or two ad codes, and you’ve got …
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How to Get Quality Traffic That Converts | Tips for Publishers

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7 Nov 2023 — 1. Use heading and subheadings with keywords related to search queries. 2. Avoid long paragraphs (over 250-300 words). Try breaking these into …
‎Why loads of visitors may not… · ‎How to improve your…

Advanced Targeting Options for Affiliate Campaigns

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28 Dec 2021 — GEO and Language Targeting is a fantastic way to focus your ad campaign on specific location and linguistic audience. The location is determined …

Are You Using Adsterra Targeting Settings Like a Pro …

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13 Apr 2023 — Learn advertising kung fu with Adsterra masters! This time, we set out in detail Adsterra targeting settings, from basic to extra-vital …

Adsterra Publishing

Medium · Off-Grid Romania
7 months ago
Additionally, Adsterra Publishing provides advanced targeting options, allowing you to segment your audience based on demographics, interests, …

Adsterra Advertising Network | Solutions for Advertisers and …


With over 20 targeting settings, you deliver ads to the best-matching audiences. Unlock high-quality CPM, CPC, and CPA traffic from 28K+ direct publishers.

“Adsterra.com: The Perfect Ad Network for Advertisers and …

LinkedIn · Josh Bell
1 reaction · 1 month ago
Adsterra.com: Perfect for small new websites. Boost revenue, reach wider audience, advanced targeting, safe ad placements.

Adsterra Publisher Review: How to Monetize Your Traffic …

DEV Community
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24 Apr 2023 — Diverse Ad Formats: Adsterra offers a range of ad formats to publishers, including pop-under ads, display ads, direct links, and native ads.

Your 2023 Website Monetization Strategy. Clues …

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31 Oct 2023 — 1. If you’re only starting off, choose the right niche. Let’s talk about trending website categories that have gained traction. We at Adsterra …

Adsterra for publishers

Medium · Reskh
4 months ago
Targeted ads: Adsterra offers a variety of targeting options, so you can ensure that your ads are seen by the right people. Easy to use: …
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High-Paying Monetization Ad formats for Publishers in 2023

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22 Feb 2023 — Some publishers and webmasters enjoy higher CPM rates and revenues only because they know which ad formats best match their sites. Adsterra …

How to Maximize Your Revenue with Adsterra’s High CPM …

› lifehack › how-to-maximize-yo…
Adsterra offers a range of high CPM campaigns that can help publishers maximize their revenue potential. By implementing the right strategies, publishers can …

How to Increase CPM: a Cheat-Sheet for Publishers

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13 Apr 2023 — 5. Ads diversity · You refresh and relocate ad formats at times to prevent the “banner blindness” effect. · You’ve already tried brand new formats …

To Buy Web Traffic: Is It a Good Idea At All?

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24 Aug 2023 — Publishers buy traffic to use it for their landing pages or websites. It contains a referral link or some ad for the product. Of course, …

A Publishers’ Guide to Ad Networks

› blog › ad-networks-guide
9 Jun 2023 — Ad networks offer targeted advertising options to advertisers, such as demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, and contextual targeting …

Adsterra Review 2024: All About the Ad Network

Push Networks
› adsterra-review
Over the years, it has established itself as a reputable and competent ad network serving advertisers and publishers across an array of verticals and 248 GEOs.

AdsTerra Ad Network Review

› Home
15 Sept 2023 — You can expect high quality service working with Adsterra as an advertiser and publisher. Unlike some ad networks that only serve standard …

What are your reviews about the Adsterra ad network? Are …

› What-are-your-reviews-about…
29 Aug 2023 — It has been operating since 2013 and serves both advertisers and publishers. Adsterra claims to have a large network of publishers and offers …
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I have used the Adsterra ads network on my site explinux [1]. When I have implemented ads …

Adsterra Earing Tips

Facebook · Adsterra Earing Tips
970+ followers
links, push notifications, and other ad formats. … high-quality ads that are relevant to their audience. … maximize publisher earnings. … to monitor their …

Buy Ad Space: a Guide to Strategic Ad Placement Success

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28 Dec 2023 — Fortunately, Adsterra fits this criterion. We give advertisers access to a global network of thousands of publishers across different niches.

Adsterra Ad Network Review for Publishers

Monetize Pros
› Ad Network Reviews
It is currently serving more than 25 billion unique ad impressions each month with 100K+ successful campaigns. Each of these ad impressions is geo-targeted, …

Adsterra: Delivering high-converting ads with precision

LinkedIn · CPV One
5 days ago
Effective targeting is key to high conversion rates. Adsterra provides advertisers with over 20 targeting settings, allowing for precise …

Adsterra Review: Is It Worth? (2024 Update)

› academy › adsterra-review
3 Oct 2023 — Adsterra is a fresh and vibrant ad network that’s been finely tuned to work in step with the latest affiliate offers. It’s slick, easy-to-use …

Advertisers VS Publishers: How Do They Turn a Profit?

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25 Jan 2023 — Ad networks will ask you to choose the type of account and register as an advertiser or as a publisher. But not all of them will explain …

6 Strategies To Boost Ad Revenue For New Publishers

› blog › 6-strate…
31 Jul 2017 — Building a strong presence on the social media, optimizing the website with relevant and targeted keywords, creating a smooth UX and high …

Actionable Tips for Ad Campaign Optimization

› blog › optimization
See the most powerful affiliate marketing tools explained step-by-step. Find more insights on bidding and targeting, post-optimization, creating whitelists and …

Is Adsterra CPM maximizing revenue with effective cost per …

› Is-Adsterra-CPM-maximizing…
21 May 2023 — Ad Targeting: Utilize Adsterra’s targeting options to match ads with your audience’s interests and demographics. A/B Testing: Continuously …
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Adsterra is an advertising network that aims to maximize revenue for publishers by …

Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

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Adsterra promises a 100% fill rate, which sets this network apart from the vast majority of others. The platform also supports a wide range of payment methods …
Rating: 5 · ‎ 5 reviews

The Best Adsterra Alternatives List for Publishers

Publisher Growth
› Alternatives › Adsterra
Adsterra provides publishers with a platform to monetize their traffic through various ad formats, advanced targeting options, real-time analytics, …

Top 22 Best Ad Networks for Publishers [Updated for 2023]

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4 May 2023 — Adsterra is a reliable ad network with Partner Care, serving over 30 … Publishers can monetize any traffic with Adsterra: desktop/mobile …

Buy Website Traffic for Website: Tips and Things to Avoid

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24 Jul 2023 — Publishers buy traffic to send it to their landing page or website page where there is a referral link to the product or some ad. We are used to …

14 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

› blog › top-ad-networks
26 Dec 2023 — Premium ad networks may also offer additional targeting options, such as demographic, geographic, or behavioral targeting, to help advertisers …

Best Ad Networks for Advertisers in 2023

Push Networks
› best-ad-networks-for-ad…
8 Jun 2023 — These ad networks excel against other traffic sources. They are pivotal participants in the affiliate marketing space, offering push ad formats …

In-App Advertising

Business of Apps
› guide › in-app-ad…
16 Oct 2023 — … ad space, and managing campaigns according to their targeting strategies and budgets. App publishers. On the other side, app publishers own …

9 of the Highest Paying Ad Networks: In-Depth 2024 Guide

› blog › highest-paying-ad-network
28 Nov 2023 — Infolinks is an advertising network that supports both publishers and advertisers. They specialize in using contextual targeting to curate ads …

8 Tips Publishers Should Use to Monetize Adblock Traffic

› Home › Guides and Tutorials
25 Nov 2022 — A stronger point is to consider replacing traditional ads with AdBlock-friendly formats. With Adsterra, you have a next-gen ad unit for …

20 Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers in 2023

› Blog
26 Jun 2023 — Multiple Targeting Options — A platform with several targeting options like geo-targeting, behavioral, and contextual targeting, will ensure …

How to avoid mistakes at campaign set up

› blog › how-to-avoid-mistakes-at…
15 May 2021 — ✓ To improve traffic quality, set a blacklist by IP range and targeting by the users’ subscription lifetime. IP range targeting is available in …

How to Sell Advertising on a Website? Best Ways & Tips here

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28 Dec 2023 — You can become an Adsterra publisher regardless of your traffic level and gain access to 13,000+ reputable advertisers. We support website- …

Advertising network

› wiki › Advertising_network
Advertising network · Overview · Types · Ad targeting and optimization · Mobile and video ad networks · Issues · Online ad networks and advertising publishers …

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Publishers in 2024

› blog › adsense-alternatives
5 Jan 2024 — MonetizeMore provides access to advanced ad formats such as native and video ads and versatile ad targeting options, including contextual, …

iGaming Ads: Meet the New Season With a Powerful Strategy

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19 Jun 2023 — iGaming Ads: Meet the New Season With a Powerful Strategy … iGaming ads have occupied a special place in affiliate marketing in the past decade.

How to Market an App: 24 Best Ways of Mobile …

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29 Aug 2023 — Adsterra is well-known for its abundant quality traffic from 28K+ direct publishers. … Adsterra gives you many ad targeting options, including …

Review of Adsterra : Publisher Method to Profit … – YouTube

YouTube · CoolMixed
90+ views · 1 year ago

… targeting options, google ads setting up, google ads url parameters … Publishers and Advertisers can use the Adsterra Ad Network. CoolMixed …

Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers

› blog › best-video-ad-net…
16 Dec 2022 — Launched in 2013, Adsterra is an advertising network with a global reach and a long history of successful partnerships with advertisers and …

14 Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

State of Digital Publishing
› best-nativ…
23 Nov 2023 — Digital publishers looking to maximize their revenue should consider folding native advertising campaigns into their monetization model. · Native …

Adsterra: Advertisers – Display Ad and Affiliate Network Service

Reach your market with Adsterra’s online advertising platform, delivering billions targeted impressions a month. Contact us today to grow your campaign.

Read Customer Service Reviews of adsterra.com | 4 of 24

› review › adsterra
… publishers get maximum eCPM with our flexible traffic solutions. Only the cleanest ads and purest traffic at Adsterra. … Here are 8 tips for writing great …
Rating: 4.4 · ‎ 562 reviews

How to Start Earning With Adsterra from Pakistan

› online-earning-with-adsterra
3 Aug 2023 — By partnering with Adsterra, publishers can unlock a significant earning potential. With a diverse range of ad formats and targeting options, …

What is The Highest Paying Ad Network?

Content @ Scale
› blog › highest-paying-ad-n…
1 Mar 2023 — One of the highest-paying ad networks, Adsterra provides publishers with access to high-paying campaigns from top advertisers around the world.

Top 10 Ad Networks for Publishers To Choose in 2023

› blogs › top-10-ad-net…
27 Feb 2023 — Adsterra offers a wide range of ad formats, including display ads … targeting, which allows publishers to serve more relevant ads to their users …

Ad Network Vs. Ad Exchange: What’s the Difference?

› Blog › Digital Marketing › PPC
Ad networks employ algorithms to match the highest-bidding offer with the publisher’s traffic. The highest bid may change depending on the season and traffic …

The 17 Best Ad Networks For Content Creators In 2024

Search Engine Journal
› display-ad-n…
1 Dec 2023 — Sizeless ads – Media.net allows publishers to create ads with totally custom sizes and designs if they’d like in order to fit their site. “ …

15 Video Ad Networks Helping You Profit From Your …

Niche Pursuits
› video-ad-networks
30 Aug 2023 — Publift is another platform that delivers video ads and provides tailored ad strategies for publishers. … ad displays, audience targeting …

20 Best Video Advertising Networks To Monetize Your …

Indie Media Club
› Tools
Why I picked Adsterra: They strive to provide publishers and their audience with in-house security and reliable fraud detection systems. They combine these …

Get Paid For Case Studies

› Home › Case Studies
18 Dec 2023 — Key metrics and terms · Ad format: Adsterra Popunder, Social Bar, Native Banner, Direct Link. · Traffic type: web, mobile, or social (TikTok, …

13 Best Interstitial Ad Networks

› blog › interstitial-ad-networks
10 Nov 2023 — Adsterra Network enables publishers to optimize CPM by offering advanced traffic solutions and access to exclusive and popular brands. Moreover, …

25 Best Ad Networks for Publishers & Bloggers [2024]

› blog › best-ad-netw…
Competitive CPM rates and over 2 Billion daily impressions worldwide that enable publishers to earn more money from their ad traffic. Advanced targeting: …

20+ Best Ad Networks for Advertisers & Publishers (2024)

› academy › best-ad-netw…
7 Sept 2023 — PropellerAds is a great choice for both new and experienced affiliates. It offers tons of targeting options and comes with a smart rotator for …

Top Ad Networks in China in 2024

› … › Advertising › Ad Networks
Adsterra was founded in 2013 and is now a trusted global ad network by more than 30K+ publishers and advertisers around the world. We offer an easy-to-use and …
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