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Adsterra ad targeting strategies for publishers in 2024

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Adsterra Advertising Network | Solutions for Advertisers and …


With over 20 targeting settings, you deliver ads to the best-matching audiences. Unlock high-quality CPM, CPC, and CPA traffic from 28K+ direct publishers.
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What Are the Best Online Display Ads to Run in 2024?

› Home › Guides and Tutorials
30 Nov 2023 — How to create online display ads? You start with planning a marketing campaign. It involves targeting, budgeting, and adding ad creatives.

Adsterra Review 2024: All About the Ad Network

Push Networks
› adsterra-review
Over the years, it has established itself as a reputable and competent ad network serving advertisers and publishers across an array of verticals and 248 GEOs.

Social Bar Push and Display Combo Format

› Home › Guides and Tutorials
28 Nov 2023 — They’re neat, clutter-free, and native. In 2024, advertisers should have access to ad formats that embrace both nativity and engagement. With …

The 17 Best Ad Networks For Content Creators In 2024

Search Engine Journal
› display-ad-n…
1 Dec 2023 — Geo-targeting – Allows publishers to segment their audience based on … Adsterra bills itself as the best ad network for publishers and …

Your 2023 Website Monetization Strategy. Clues …

› Home › Traffic Monetization
31 Oct 2023 — 1. If you’re only starting off, choose the right niche … Let’s talk about trending website categories that have gained traction. We at Adsterra …

Adsterra: Delivering high-converting ads with precision

LinkedIn · CPV One
5 days ago
Effective targeting is key to high conversion rates. Adsterra provides advertisers with over 20 targeting settings, allowing for precise …

How to Earn Money with Adsterra in 2024 – AL-Teach
› al-teach agency,
2 days ago — Adsterra provides advanced targeting options, allowing you to reach users based on their location, interests, demographics, and more. By …

Get Paid For Case Studies

› Home › Case Studies
18 Dec 2023 — Share your experience in buying or monetizing traffic with Adsterra and get paid for case studies. $200 for one story that will help our …

Adsterra Review: Is It Worth? (2024 Update)

› academy › adsterra-review
3 Oct 2023 — Adsterra is a great place to start for new affiliate marketers, and the emphasis on affiliate offers and high converting traffic is a winning …
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Choose Wisely: 8 Best Popunder Ad Networks in 2024

› blog › adv-8-best-popund…
19 Dec 2023 — PropellerAds-best-popunder-ad-networks-adsterra. You … They offer quality traffic, a great number of direct publishers, precise ad targeting …

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Publishers in 2024

› blog › adsense-alternatives
5 Jan 2024 — MonetizeMore provides access to advanced ad formats such as native and video ads and versatile ad targeting options, including contextual, …

Adsterra Publishing

Medium · Off-Grid Romania
7 months ago
One of the significant challenges faced by publishers is the rise of ad-blocking software, which hampers revenue generation. Adsterra Publishing …

The Adsterra Campaign Setup Guide for Affiliates

› blog › adsterra-campaign-setup-…
12 Apr 2023 — … tips are incomparably better when it comes to the most significant stages of advertising. … There are many targeting options that will help you …

“Adsterra.com: The Perfect Ad Network for Advertisers and …

LinkedIn · Josh Bell
1 reaction · 1 month ago
… targeting, safe ad placements. Grow with Adsterra … publishers to track their performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Exploring the Top Travel Advertising & Monetization …

Medium · Peterson
1 month ago
Operating on a bid-based model, advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their content, and ads are displayed based on the highest bid. This …

Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

› blog › best-ad-networks…
Adsterra promises a 100% fill rate, which sets this network apart from the vast majority of others. The platform also supports a wide range of payment methods …
Rating: 5 · ‎ 5 reviews

High-Paying Monetization Ad formats for Publishers in 2023

› Home › Guides and Tutorials
22 Feb 2023 — Adsterra partners grow ad earnings with Popunders, In-Page Push, Interstitials, Native Banners, and VAST Videos. Those who don’t have a website …

Best High CPM Ad Network for Publishers in 2024

› blog › the-best-cpm-ad-ne…
26 Dec 2023 — BuySellAds is an option for beginners since there are no minimum traffic thresholds, allowing website owners to get started right away. The ad …

Adsterra Publisher Review: How to Monetize Your Traffic …

DEV Community
› patricklusaya › adsterra-publisher-rev…
24 Apr 2023 — Adsterra offers a range of ad formats to publishers, including pop-under ads, display ads, direct links, and native ads. In addition to ad …

[Success Story] How to Start Monetizing if You’re not …

› Home › Case Studies
4 Jan 2024 — I’m not a web designer but I can relate to anyone who finds big flashy banners annoying. With Adsterra, I can choose between multiple ads, …

25 Best Ad Networks for Publishers & Bloggers [2024]

› blog › best-ad-netw…
Despite the continued adoption of Header Bidding, Google’s Ad Exchange network remains the best demand source for publishers in 2024. It serves as the premium …

14 Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

State of Digital Publishing
› best-nativ…
23 Nov 2023 — Adsterra has a network of 18,000 websites providing around 30 billion impressions monthly. Adsterra has partnered with companies such as PrimeR …

9 of the Highest Paying Ad Networks: In-Depth 2024 Guide

› blog › highest-paying-ad-network
28 Nov 2023 — Infolinks is an advertising network that supports both publishers and advertisers. They specialize in using contextual targeting to curate ads …

Advertisers VS Publishers: How Do They Turn a Profit?

› Home › Guides and Tutorials
25 Jan 2023 — We admire you diving so deep into digital marketing! Publishers can turn a profit from social traffic and paid search ads. They need a simple …

14 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

› blog › top-ad-networks
26 Dec 2023 — Publift is known for its expertise in optimizing ad revenue for publishers by using innovative technologies and strategies, providing …

Guides and Tutorials for Advertisers, Affiliates …

› blog › guides-and-tutorials › page
Your A to Z guides and tutorials on how to advertise and monetize with Adsterra. The smoothest path to make the most of Adsterra ads and traffic sources: …

20+ Best Ad Networks for Advertisers & Publishers (2024)

› academy › best-ad-netw…
7 Sept 2023 — PropellerAds is a great choice for both new and experienced affiliates. It offers tons of targeting options and comes with a smart rotator for …

Top Mobile Ad Networks (2024)

Business of Apps
› mobile-ad-network
3 days ago — … strategy, as ad networks help publishers sell their inventory. … ad campaigns on as well as a variety of ad formats and targeting strategies.

21 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

State of Digital Publishing
› best-ad-n…
15 Sept 2022 — Advertisers no longer need to look for individual websites to place their ads, while publishers gain leads by simply signing with an ad network …

How to earn money from Adsterra 2024

› How-do-I-earn-money-from-…
6 days ago — As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Adsterra is an advertising network that connects publishers and advertisers. The methods for …

Adsterra Review 2024: Is it the Best Affiliate Network?

› adsterra-review
15 Dec 2023 — There are no limitations to join the Adsterra ad network as a publisher or advertiser. They have recently removed the 1M Alexa rule, and now …

Popads vs Adsterra Ads: Which is the best ad network in …

› Info
With Adsterra Ads, publishers can tap into a vast pool of advertisers, ensuring global coverage. The platform boasts advanced targeting options, allowing …

10 Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers (2024) → High …

› best-native-ad-networks
12 Dec 2023 — What makes Adsterra an excellent choice among other ad networks is its intelligent algorithms that align your offers with website content and …

Adsterra Affiliate Program – Lasso

› Affiliate Programs › Pay-Per-Click
With a wide range of ad formats, including popunders, banners, and native ads, Adsterra ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the best ad types that …
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20 Best Video Advertising Networks To Monetize Your …

Indie Media Club
› Tools
Why I picked Adsterra: They strive to provide publishers and their audience with in-house security and reliable fraud detection systems. They combine these …

Advertisers – Display Ad and Affiliate Network Service

› advertisers
Adsterra partners with over 28K direct publishers who send 32B+ ad views monthly. We offer exclusive traffic platforms that perfectly match iGaming, E-commerce, …

How Adsterra Works | A Product Tour for Advertisers …

› Home › Guides and Tutorials
13 Apr 2023 — The A to Z advertising campaign setup: from choosing a pricing model to basic targeting. · Valuable checklists for running CPC, CPM, and CPA …

The Best Ad Networks for Marketers in 2024

› Blog › Marketing Teams
15 Dec 2023 — However, if you are a publisher, you will need to join the network through a review process. You must pass this review process before you can …
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Video Ad Networks List for Small Publishers

Mauco Enterprises
› video-ad-networks
25 Aug 2023 — These include comprehensive video marketing, rich media, display, and mobile advertising. Keeping up with the constantly evolving advertising …

How Much Adsterra Pays: Celebrating Your Victories

› Home › Traffic Monetization
4 days ago — 2023 has been the year of new partnerships. With 300M weekly ad views sent from Brazil only, Adsterra is proud to have become a growth area for …

Enable SmartCPM Bidding to Adjust Payouts Automatically

› smart-cpm
A: This tool automatically and repeatedly adjusts bids for each ad placement based on overall demand and competition. It will never exceed the cap you determine …

Adsterra Affiliate Marketing and Traffic Monetization Blog

› blog › page
Adsterra affiliate blog gives practical tips for promoting CPA offers, monetizing a website, or enhancing traffic monetization with high-paying ads.

E-commerce Affiliate Marketing Vertical

› ecommerce
Display ads have never been so profitable. Use our rich traffic sources base to profit from any segment and geo. Tweak 20+ settings to target the high-paying …

Adsterra news and updates | Stay up to date with the …

› blog › news-and-updates
In the Adsterra News and Updates section, we share new features’ releases and core updates. See which new ad formats have rolled out, what tracking options …

12 Highest-Paying Adsense Alternatives in 2024 – Snigel

› blog › top-adsense-alternatives
31 Oct 2023 — AdSense is one of the most well-known ad monetization solutions. While many publishers can earn more revenue by switching to a header …

15 Video Ad Networks Helping You Profit From Your …

Niche Pursuits
› video-ad-networks
30 Aug 2023 — Publift is another platform that delivers video ads and provides tailored ad strategies for publishers. … ad displays, audience targeting …

Real Time Bidding Platform

› real-time-bidding
Adsterra, a world-known RTB ad network for both advertisers and publishers … Tips for Publishers · FAQ for Advertisers · Case Studies · Adsterra Newsletter …

RollerAds Review (2024): All-in-one Push Ads Network

KJ Rocker
› cpa-marketing › rollerads…
7 days ago — Compared to other platforms, RollerAds CPA network still offers multiple targeting options such as geo-targeting, OS targeting, device targeting …

Top HyperBidder Alternatives in 2024

› Software › HyperBidder
Adsterra was founded in 2013 and is now a trusted global ad network by more than 30K+ publishers and advertisers around the world. We offer an easy-to-use and …

What is an Ad Network? The Best Ad Networks in 2023!

YouTube · Publift
3K+ views · 9 months ago

Adsterra Complete Tutorial For Beginners (NEW CPA Marketing Strategy 2024) … Top 5 Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers | Latest Alternatives To …

6 key moments
in this video

Top 7 Best Gambling Ad Networks in 2024

Wealth Ideas Agency
› top-7-best-gambling…
Known for its advanced targeting capabilities and diverse ad formats, Adsterra provides a user-friendly interface for managing campaigns and optimizing ad …

Adsterra Review 2024: Is it the Leading Advertising Network?

› adsterra-review
Adsterra is a versatile online advertising network that serves both advertisers and publishers. It stands out with its robust support, high-quality traffic, and …

Best Ad Server Software with Drag & Drop 2024 | GetApp

› drag-drop-interface
With BrandMaster, the results speak for themselves. Brand Management platform created for marketing professionals who seeks to improve brand strategy execution …

Adsterra vs. AdSense: Which is Best To Sign Up And Make …

› Blog
10 Jul 2023 — From diverse ad formats and global reach to flexible payment options and dedicated support, Adsterra offers publishers a powerful monetization …

Blog about being a good webmaster – AdSpyglass

› blog
Adsterra Ad Network Review 2024 … Read the full review of advertising network AdsTerra for publishers: ad types, targeting options, payment rules, support, CPM …

Adsterra Review 2024 – Is It Best Advertising Network?

› adsterra-review
The primary goal of Adsterra is to connect advertisers with publishers to help them develop their skills, grow their capital, and ensure a successful future.

Performance Marketing: What You Need To Know

› blog › performance-marketing-…
28 Dec 2023 — Buy large traffic volumes for different payment models (for views, for clicks, for actions); · Set up ad targeting to those audiences who are …

Top 22 Best Ad Networks for Publishers [Updated for 2023]

› … › Ad Tech & Ad Ops
4 May 2023 — Adsterra is a reliable ad network with Partner Care, serving over 30 … Publishers can monetize any traffic with Adsterra: desktop/mobile …

24 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Higher Profits In …

Diggity Marketing
› adsense-alternatives
BuySellAds is a highly exclusive ad network that only accepts publishers whose websites display excellence in content and design. It is also a requirement that …
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